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Clifton Personal Injury Attorney

When you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by another person, you deserve justice and fair compensation to cover your accident-related expenses. Contact our award-winning legal team at Malloy Law Offices, LLC today to learn how we can help maximize the compensation you recover for your case. An experienced Clifton Personal Injury Attorney from our law firm will give you an idea of the legal battles you face and what options you have available. If given the opportunity, we can win your case as we have done for hundreds of other victims, since 2004.

An Experienced Clifton Personal Injury Attorney Can Make All The Difference

There are numerous personal injury attorneys across Virginia, but many are not as skilled and knowledgeable as those at Malloy Law Offices, LLC. Every Clifton personal injury attorney on our staff has years of experience winning cases across a wide variety of personal injury case types. That knowledge and experience will benefit you and your case. 

Once hired, your attorney will manage the case from the beginning to the end so you can focus your time on getting healthy again. That includes handling all the paperwork and negotiating with the insurance companies and everything in between. If we are unable to reach a fair settlement through the claims process, we will work to secure compensation through litigation.

How Much Will A Clifton Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

You may think you cannot afford an experienced Clifton personal injury attorney. That is not the case when you hire an attorney from Malloy Law Offices, LLC. Our services will cost you nothing from your own pocket. That is because our personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis.

That means our payment is contingent on winning your case or negotiating a fair settlement through the claims process. When we are successful, our fee is a predetermined percentage of the final settlement agreed to by you earlier in the process. Don’t take it from us, bot from those who we have represented.

Malloy Law Offices, LLC Handles a Wide Variety Of Personal Injury Cases

During our years in business, we have seen just about every kind of personal injury case imaginable. A skilled Clifton personal injury attorney from our firm can help maximize the compensation recovered for your case regardless of the type of injury or accident.

Transportation-related personal injury and accident examples

Other common personal injury cases we handle


Does My Case Warrant Hiring A Clifton Personal Injury Attorney?

Every personal injury case is different and needs to be reviewed by an experienced Clifton personal injury attorney before its value can be determined. Whatever legal direction you decide to go, do not attempt to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company on your own. It will be anything but fair. Many insurance companies have a history of undervaluing personal injury claims or denying them completely. You may be tempted by their initial offer, but let a legal professional take a look before you decide. Otherwise, the settlement you agree to may be a mere fraction of what your claim is actually worth. 

When an attorney from Malloy Law Offices, LLC reviews your case he or she will look beyond the initial medical bills you incurred and determine how your injuries have impacted your ability to live the life you had prior to the accident.  

For instance:

  • Did you miss work for a period of time and lost compensation? 
  • Will you be able to continue working in your trade?
  • Will you have ongoing medical treatments over the months and years ahead?
  • Does your home or vehicle have to be modified to support reduced mobility?
  • Was your property lost or damaged because of the accident?
  • Are you still wrestling with the emotional trauma caused by the accident?

All of these things factor into the value of your case. Do not take the damages you suffered lightly. You were not responsible for the accident, but you will be accountable to pay all the bills related to your recovery. That is not justice.

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If you or a loved one has been injured at the hands of another person because of their reckless or negligent behavior, contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today to arrange a free, nonbinding case consultation. An experienced Clifton personal injury attorney can help make your case a success. We will work tirelessly on your behalf and do everything we can to ensure you recover every penny you deserve.