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Forestville Personal Injury Attorney

Recovering from a serious accident is physically and emotionally draining. It can be even more difficult to handle when you are forced to pay medical bills for an accident someone else caused. There is a solution. The law allows you to seek compensation for your losses if you have been injured in an accident caused by another person. Give yourself the best chance to maximize the compensation you receive for your case and hire an experienced Forestville Personal Injury Attorney from Malloy Law Offices, LLC

How Can A Forestville Personal Injury Attorney Help Your Case?

Unless you are well-versed in personal injury law and have above-average negotiation skills, your chances of getting a fair settlement with the insurance company are slim at best. Insurance companies are known to undervalue claims and sometimes deny them altogether. You deserve better.

Every Forestville personal injury attorney at our firm has a record of winning personal injury cases. Since the early 2000s, we have recovered over 46 million dollars in compensation on behalf of our clients. That does not happen without a great deal of experience, knowledge, and determination. Our attorneys do more than dole out advice. They immerse themselves in your case and handle it from beginning to end by:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Gathering evidence to support your claim
  • Speaking with medical and non-medical specialists
  • Determining the full value of your claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Litigating your case if the claims process does not result in a fair settlement

You should be focused on getting better and not wrestling with an insurance company. No matter what steps you take next, do not try to handle your claim on your own. You are likely going to cheat yourself out of thousands of dollars that are rightfully yours.

What Will Experienced Legal Representation Cost?

You might think hiring an experienced Forestville personal injury attorney will cost more than you are able to afford. That is not the case. Every personal injury attorney at Malloy Law Offices, LLC works via a contingency fee arrangement. That means they must win your case in order to get paid. When they are successful at negotiating a fair settlement through the claims process or winning your case in court, their fee comes from the final settlement and not from your own pocket. You never pay for our services from your own funds.

Types of Injury And Accident Cases We Handle

Our firm handles a wide variety of personal injury and accident cases. Every Forestville personal injury attorney at Malloy Law Offices, LLC has won cases across the full spectrum of personal injury types. Some accident an injury examples include:


What Kinds Of Losses Can My Claim Include?

If you have suffered a serious injury due to an accident, the losses you experience go beyond the physical and often impact all aspects of your life. When considering the damages that should be included in your claim, an experienced Forestville personal injury attorney will investigate how your injuries have impacted your ability to live the life you had prior to the accident. Examples of potential losses include:

  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Ongoing medical treatments
  • Counseling sessions
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical transportation
  • Prescription medications
  • Home modifications to support reduced mobility


Connect With A Forestville Personal Injury Attorney

The next step is yours to take. Will you hope for the best and handle the insurance claim on your own or will you hire a team with the experience to win the maximum amount of compensation your claim deserves? 

Connect with Malloy Law Offices, LLC today and we will arrange a free, nonbinding case consultation where we can learn more about you and your specific situation. You can also ask questions and decide your next steps. If you decide to hire a Forestville personal injury attorney from our team, you can rest easy knowing you have competent, successful legal representation fighting in your corner. You should not have to pay to recover from an accident that was not your fault. Contact us today and we will do everything we can to ensure you never pay a dime from your own pocket.