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Gaithersburg Product Liability Lawyer

Products should be safe for use when it’s release to the public. Products go through many steps before they hit the shelves. Unfortunately, sometimes defective products may be an issue. Whether it is a safety hazard for one or a few of the products or the entire concept needs to be recalled. Issues may happen and no consumer ever expects it to affect them. If you are a loved one suffered from an injury due to a product, contact a Gaithersburg Product Liability Lawyer.  Law can be complex and there could be more than just one issue or outcome. Examples of some product liability issues could be from design faults, manufacturing problems and, or marketing defects, among others.

Examples of Product Defects

The most common types of product liability issues are from design, manufacturing, and marketing defects.

Design defects are a consequence of a failure due to the design. It is one of the most dangerous defects because the design typically involves the outer portion of the product, which is what the consumer touches. Design issues may involve the outer layer of a product, however manufacturing involves the inner parts.

Problems with the build of the inner parts of a product may be due to manufacturing faults. A wrong nut or bolt could fall under manufacturing defects. Another example could be an outdated product. On the other hand, products could have all the right parts but it was assembled improperly. Regardless of the issue, it should never be a problem in the first place. Nonetheless, it happens more often than people think. Lastly, a product shouldn’t be out for the public to use if there are marketing defects.

A product sold without the proper warning labels or instructions are marketing faults. Labels and instructions are imperative because they can save accidents from happening. Without proper instructions or warnings, consumers may not know how to handle the product correctly. This could be avoided with proper marketing on the product. If any of these circumstances happens after an injury, the marker or retailer or others could be held liable.

Who is Responsible for Product Liability Cases?

Someone has to be liable or at-fault for product liability. So who is it? In some cases, these are some of the parties who may be involved:

  • Product designer
  • Assembler of the product
  • Manufacturers of the different parts of the product
  • Wholesale companies
  • Retailers

Multiple parties may be involved. It may be hard to trace who really is at-fault. We recommend hiring a Gaithersburg product liability so you are never wondering. Sometimes the evidence is what you need to draw a better conclusion of who to blame.

What Proof Does a Gaithersburg Product Liability Lawyer Use?

Product liability law requires proof. This way the consumer can’t just say anything they want. Companies need protection too from those who are filing lawsuits with no proof. It is essential to gather evidence. This may involve finding out:

  • The product was defective, and
  • The product was reasonably dangerous as a result of this defect, and
  • The defect existed at the time the product left the seller and the product did not substantially change by the time it was in the plaintiff’s possession, and
  • The plaintiff used the product as it was intended, and
  • The defect directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

You want to be able to prove all five of these facts. You could then receive maximum compensation. With the help of a Gaithersburg product liability lawyer, you can reach recovery faster. You wouldn’t have to handle insurance companies, the paperwork, legal dates, etc. This is just one of the many benefits of hiring an attorney.

Hiring a Gaithersburg Product Liability Lawyer

There are many moving parts in product liability. For example you may need witness testimonies, medical documents, the right doctor, pictures, among others. This is a lot to organize. Along with treatment and taking care of yourself. Regardless of all that needs to happen, the insurance company will not allow you to have compensation easily. They may even try to take advantage of you in your vulnerable state. Don’t take it from us, but from those who we have represented.

Unfortunately, they compensate less at times because they are a business who needs to make money too. They may try and ask certain questions to seem like they care but they are using it to their advantage. Trust us; we’ve seen it all. They will not compensate all your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering compensation. However, if you are seeking the compensation you are entitled to, then contact a Gaithersburg product liability lawyer.

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