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Germantown Product Liability Lawyer

Handling products available for public use should be safe. However, some products fail and may cause injuries. What can you do after this? Can you sue the company who makes the product? Or could you sue the store who sold the product? Where do you start? These questions may be able to be answered by a Germantown product liability lawyer.  Product liability law can be very unclear and many negligent parties can be involved. Faulty products could have issues in many different ways.

Issues That A Germantown Product Liability Lawyer Handles

How a Germantown product liability lawyer determines a product liability case is based on what went wrong. Certain issues can happen like design, manufacturing, and/or marketing defects.

Design production takes careful work. This is so an issue with a product never happens. However, these specific defects are one of the most dangerous. An injury from design defects can be more dangerous because an accident is caused by the outer parts of a product, which is what the consumer more than likely is touching. On the contrary, manufacturing defects can also be considered extremely dangerous.

Manufacturing issues most often involve the inner parts of a product. There could’ve been a wrong nut, bolt or outdated parts. The issue could be that the product is built incorrectly or put together wrong. Products go through many test before hitting the market so issues don’t arise. Nonetheless, product injuries still may happen. Manufacturing and design issues are serious but there is one last defect that can cause injuries.

Correct labels are part of the marketing. Proper warning labels and instructions should help prevent accidents. Without them this would be considered a marketing failure. Injuries may be a result of the failure to properly instruct or warn. This would not be the consumers fault in this case. In fact, liability may fall on the maker.

Who is Liable For a Product?

A product’s liability has multiple different possibilities. Some parties who may be responsible could be:

  • Product designer
  • Assembler of the product
  • Manufacturers of the different parts of the product
  • Wholesale companies
  • Retailers

Sometimes more than one of these groups listed will be liable for the accident. Every situation is different. Regardless of who is at-fault, the other side might have a team of lawyers of their own. Along with that, the insurance company may not compensate fairly. We encourage at least talking to a Germantown product liability lawyer because you may never know until you ask. You may also need to gather more evidence for your case, which is something a lawyer could do for you.

Proving Negligence in a Product Liability Case

Even if the negligent party is obvious to you, it’s not obvious to the insurance company or maybe even a judge. To get the best recovery you need evidence backing up your claim. Proof may show:

  • The product was defective, and
  • The product was reasonably dangerous as a result of this defect, and
  • The defect existed at the time the product left the seller and the product did not substantially change by the time it was in the plaintiff’s possession, and
  • The plaintiff used the product as it was intended, and
  • The defect directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

The more you prove, the higher the chance at maximum compensation. However, you may not have the time or energy to prove your case. On top of gathering evidence, you need treatment for your injuries. Therefore, an attorney may be what you need. A Germantown product liability lawyer could help by doing the negotiating for you and gathering documents. All you would have to do is treat and get better. This is just one of the many benefits to hiring an attorney.

Should I Hire A Germantown Product Liability Attorney?

A personal injury case requires many pieces of evidence. You may need witness testimonies, medical documents, the right doctor, pictures, or others. That’s a lot to gather for one person. Not to mention having to get treatment for the injuries at the same time. You need a lot for maximum and even fair compensation. Moreover, the insurance company still may not hear you out.

Unfortunately, many times the insurance company has compensated less because they are in fact a business. They may find ways to make more money by not being fully transparent with you. The insurance company may act like they care but are just looking out for themselves. Therefore, do you want to have a say in the matter? That brings us to the main question.

“Should I hire a Germantown product liability lawyer”? It’s good that you are questioning this and weighing all your options. Let’s just say that it is up to you. However, if you want maximum compensation with the work of recovering money for an injury covered, you should contact an attorney. Our team will be open and honest with you on whether or not you may have a product liability case.

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