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Cases Of Birth Injury In Washington D.C Statistics

The birth of a child can be exciting and a blessing. But always make sure to have a doctor you trust.  Unfortunately, the rate of emergencies that occur during delivery has gone up by 75% since 2009.  Additionally, the SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths) rate in Washington D.C is 122.7 per 100,000 live births. The SUID rate in Washington D.C is on the higher end compared to the rates in Maryland and Virginia. 

Different Types of Birth Delivery Doctors To Consider

There are different types of doctors that are medically trained to deliver your baby when the time comes. These types include family practitioners, Obstetrician Gynecologist (OB-GYNs), and maternal-fetal medicine specialists. Family practitioners mostly care for women with low risk pregnancies. Some women prefer their family practitioner because of the continuity of care. A family practitioner knows your history and has previously treated is an advantage.
OB-GYNs can provide specialized care that may not be available from non-obstetric specialists. These specialist doctors are equipped to deal with the entire range of pregnancies, from uncomplicated, low-risk deliveries to many kinds of high-risk deliveries. You should find a board-certified OB-GYN to handle your pregnancy if your doctor determines that it’s high-risk. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists offer specialized care for pregnant women and their fetuses.
Maternal-fetal medicine specialists are trained to deal with the highest risk pregnancies. They are trained to help when pregnancies are not routine. These cases include twins or multiple births, preeclampsia, chronic health problems, and a fetus with abnormal growth. Since the extensive training they go through is required, Maternal-fetus medicine specialists are limited.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Help!

You can find a doctor in a variety of different ways. The best way to find a doctor is through word of mouth. Ask your friends and family about their birth delivery experience and that way you can get a trusted recommendation. In addition, take account into your pregnancy when choosing the right doctor. If you have been wronged, let Malloy Law Offices, LLC bring justice for your family! If you would like to see of how we handle these situation click here to learn more!