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Get The Best Settlement From A Concussion Case In Washington D.C.?

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Car Accidents and Concussion Cases in Washington D.C.

Every year on average, in the United States, there are almost 3 million head injuries from car accidents leading to concussions. Car accidents are actually one of the top causes for concussion with sport related injuries in the lead. Additionally, Washington D.C. is in the top ten cities with the most car accident cases. These injuries can cause confusion, headaches, migraines and sometimes inability to think clearly.

What Happens During A Concussion?

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects your brain inability to function properly. In addition, concussions are generally caused by an enormous blow to the head. Drastically shaking of the head and upper body also can cause concussions. This can cause cause your brain to slide back and forth forcefully against the inner walls of your skull. However, concussions are typically temporary and symptoms can occur immediately or later. If any of these symptoms worsen, do seek medical attention by a professional.

How To Prevent A Concussion Case In Washington D.C.?

There are a couple of ways to prevent yourself from a concussion. One, buckle your seat belts. The main purpose of wearing a seatbelt is to prevent passengers and drivers from from getting injured in a traffic accident. Two, protect your children by installing window guards around the vehicle. Lastly, make sure airbags are installed properly around the inside of the vehicle.

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