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Jefferson Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents occur every day across Virginia. Some are minor in nature while others leave serious physical and mental scars. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by the reckless actions or negligence of another person, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today to learn how we can help maximize the compensation you recover. An experienced Jefferson Personal Injury Attorney from our firm will discuss your legal options and any hurdles you may face. We want to help you find justice. Our team has the skill and experience to win your case, if given the opportunity. 

Why Do I Need A Jefferson Personal Injury Attorney?

You can try to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company on your own, but that typically leads to receiving compensation that is a mere fraction of the true value of your claim. Insurance companies do not want to pay for all of your losses, even if they are warranted. They will do whatever they can to undervalue your claim and in some cases, deny it all together. You deserve better. 

An experienced Jefferson personal injury attorney from Malloy Law Offices, LLC will take on your case, handling all aspects from beginning to end. He or she will build a strong case that will stand up in court if the insurance company is unwilling to agree to a fair settlement through other means. In order to ensure your best chance at receiving every penny you deserve we will:

  • Conduct our own investigation
  • Meet with key witnesses and record their statements
  • Collect evidence to support your case
  • Ensure all of your losses are included in the claim and backed by evidence
  • Handle all communications and paperwork
  • Aggressively negotiate on your behalf
  • Represent you at trial if a trip to court is required

We will work tirelessly to handle all the legal lifting so you can focus on what matters most – getting healthy again.

Do I Have A Case With A Jefferson Personal Injury Attorney?

Not all accidents warrant hiring an attorney and seeking compensation for losses, but most do. You have a viable personal injury case if you were injured in an accident and it can be proven that another person was at fault. The value of your claim depends on the extent of your injuries, the nature of the accident, and the losses you experienced as a result of the accident and your subsequent injuries. It is important for a knowledgeable Jefferson personal injury attorney to review your case and conduct a thorough investigation before he or she can say definitively what your case is worth. 

Personal Injury Cases Malloy Law Offices, LLC Handles

We have been helping accident victims like you since 2004. Our team has handled almost every kind of personal injury case imaginable. A skilled, experienced Jefferson personal injury attorney from our legal team can help win your case, if given the chance.

Some examples of case we handle include:  

If you do not see your specific case represented above, contact us regardless. We would like to learn more about your case and discuss how we may be able to help you recover the compensation you deserve.  

Can I Afford A Jefferson Personal Injury Attorney?

We know you are going through a lot as you try to heal from the accident and deal with the mental and emotional aspects as well. The last thing you should have to worry about is how you will pay for competent, legal counsel. That is why every Jefferson personal injury attorney at Malloy Law Offices, LLC works via a contingency fee arrangement. That means we only get paid if we win your case or negotiate a fair settlement out of court. If we are unable to do so, you pay nothing. When we are successful, our fees are a percentage of the final settlement agreed to earlier in the process. You get aggressive, expert legal services at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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If you have been seriously injured in an accident at the hands of another, do not feel you have to fight for what is yours alone. We are here to help. Call Malloy Law Offices, LLC today and we will arrange a free, no-risk case evaluation to get the process started. An experienced Jefferson personal injury attorney from our team can help you find the justice you deserve and ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible. Do not wait for the insurance company to do the right thing. Call us today. Don’t take it from us, but from those who we have represented.