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Lorton Personal Injury Attorney

Malloy Law Offices, LLC has been helping accident victims recover the maximum compensation possible for their personal injury cases, since 2004. During that time, we have recovered over 46 million dollars in compensation. If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person, we can help you too. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today to speak to an experienced Lorton Personal Injury Attorney.

Why Hire A Lorton Personal Injury Attorney?

Negotiating a fair settlement for your personal injury case can be nearly impossible on your own. Insurance companies use various techniques to undervalue claims and even deny them completely. If you do receive some measure of compensation, it is typically a small fraction of the true worth of your claim. That is where an experienced Lorton personal injury attorney can provide value.

A personal injury attorney from Malloy Law Offices, LLC will handle your case from beginning to end. Our primary goal and the goal of our support staff is to help you find justice by maximizing the amount of compensation you receive for your losses. We do that by building a strong case. 

Our legal services include:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident
  • Interviewing key witnesses
  • Gathering evidence 
  • Deciding which losses should be included in your claim
  • Handling all the paperwork
  • Aggressively negotiating on your behalf
  • Taking your case to court, if necessary

By turning your case over to a seasoned Lorton personal injury attorney, you can rest easy knowing we will do the heavy legal lifting while you focus your time and energy on getting healthy again.

Can I Afford Experienced Legal Counsel?

Some law firms require a fee upfront before they will take your case, or have you sign a contract that ensures they receive payment even if they are unsuccessful. That is not how we operate at Malloy Law Offices, LLC. Every Lorton personal injury attorney on our staff works within a continency fee structure. That means they only receive payment if they are successful. When they negotiate a fair settlement directly with the insurance company or win your case in court, their payment is a percentage of the final settlement. You pay nothing from your own pocket. If they are unsuccessful, you pay nothing. You receive quality, expert legal counsel at no personal cost to you.

We Handle A Variety Of Personal Injury Cases 

You need to know that the law firm you are using to help you find justice has the skill and background to do so. Every Lorton personal injury attorney at our firm has the background and skill to win your case, if given the chance. They have won numerous cases across a wide variety of personal injury and accident types including: 


What Is The Value Of My Personal Injury Case?

Your case needs to be reviewed carefully by a seasoned Lorton personal injury attorney from Malloy Law Offices, LLC before we can know its true worth. Its value depends on the extent of your injuries, and the nature of the accident in which you were involved. We will need to know how your injuries have impacted your ability to live the life you had prior to the accident. 

For instance:

  • Did you lose wages because of missed work?
  • Will you be able to return to your job?
  • Will you have more surgeries and physical therapy sessions?
  • Are you still struggling with the emotional trauma caused by the accident?
  • Was your property lost or damaged?

These questions and others need to be answered before we can build a strong case and ensure we are getting you every penny you deserve.


Speak To A Skilled Lorton Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another person and do not know what to do next, contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC. You can speak with a skilled Lorton personal injury attorney today. We will arrange a free, nonbinding case evaluation to get things started. If you decide to hire our services, we will work tirelessly to see you find justice. The accident was not your fault. You should not have to pay from your own pocket to recover from it. With our help, you will not have to. Don’t take it from us, bot from those who we have represented.