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Medical Lien vs. Hospital Lien In The State Of Maryland

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What Is A Medical Lien?

Almost every personal injury case has medical liens. In addition, a medical lien is a medical provider or medical insurance company’s right to be paid, out of the injury victims recovery. In other words, it is a demand for repayment that can be placed against your personal injury case. Some medical providers will ask the injured victim to sign a lien letter. Furthermore, this will state that you submit to the lien against your personal injury settlement.  Additionally, liens must be filed in the recorder’s office of the county where the hospital is located. The lien has to filed within 180 days after you are released from the hospital. Also, liens must have a proper name, address, name and address of the hospital, and the dates of service.

Hospital Liens In The State Of Maryland

A hospital liens varies by state. For instance, there are four elements that are involved when filing for a hospital lien in the state of Maryland. The hospital would need to:

  1. file a notice of lien with clerk of circuit court of the county. This would have to be filed where the medical or other services were provided
  2. send a copy of the notice of lien and a statement of the date of its filing by registered or certified mail to the person alleged to be liable for the injuries received by the patients
  3. The notice of lien has to be in writing and contain name and address of the injured patient, the date of the accident, name and address of the hospital, amount claimed, and name of the person who is liable for the injuries.
  4. The hospital has to send a copy of the notice of lien by registered or certified mail to the liable person’s insurance carrier.

However, the lien in Maryland is only for 50% of the recovery or sum which the patient may collect in judgement, settlement, or compromise.

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