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Bethesda Highway Accident Lawyer

Driving is the most common method of commuting for most residents. Cars provide a quick way to get to our destination whether it’s for work, school, soccer games, grocery shopping, and much more. What really happens when we get in a car? Sure they come in handy nearly every single day, but every time we get in the car we are essentially taking a huge risk. It rarely matters how good of a driver we are, it’s the driving skills of the passing vehicles that we worry about. So can we really avoid accidents? Not really, we can definitely take precautions and safety measurements but there is no exact way to avoid a collision. If you have been seriously injured in a highway accident caused by someone else’s negligence, contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC  today. Our  Bethesda highway accident attorneys know what it takes to win maximum compensation for our clients.

Bethesda Highway Accident Facts

As stated by the Insurance Information Institute (III):

  • There are nearly 40,000 fatal car accidents per year in the U.S
  • Each day over 90 Americans die from fatal accidents
  • The most common causes of accidents resulting in death are drunk driving (40%), speeding (30%), and irresponsible driving (33%).
  • Each year, more than 1,600 children younger than 15 die in traffic accidents.
  • 550 traffic deaths occurred in the state of Maryland alone.
  • Drivers ages 16 to 20 accounted for an involvement rate in fatal crashes of 36.76 per 100,000 licensed drivers, as compared to 22.24 for drivers ages 35 to 44.
  • 80% of all car accidents involve male drivers
  • 14% of accidents are caused by hitting objects, another 29% were sideswipes, and 57% are rear-end
  • The yearly cost of traffic accidents in the United States is estimated to be $871 billion.

How Do Highway Accidents Happen?

According to IIHS, the most common type of Bethesda Highway Accidents are caused by the following:

  • Speeding
  • Cellphone use
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Late-night driving
  • DUI
  • Side-swipe
  • Bad weather
  • Head-on collisions
  • Distractions

Safety Tips for Drivers

While some accidents are inevitable, it is always of extreme importance to take safety precautions so that in the case of an accident, the injuries sustained can be minor. Believe it or not, safety belts save lives.  According to IIHS, in 2017 alone, safety belts saved almost 15,000 lives. Yes, some of the safety features installed in your car can be worse. Studies found that frontal airbags can cause serious or fatal injuries, and it is mostly seen in individuals that are sitting too close to the steering wheel or dashboard.  Below you can find our top safety tips:

  1. Use of adequate headlights. Only 1 out of 31 cars possess adequate headlights.
  2. Pull into traffic slowly and watch for red-light runners.
  3. Take advantage of the safety features offered in most vehicles like safety belts, rear and back cameras, parking assist, and airbags. Keep in mind, having too close of contact with the airbag can be fatal.
  4. Avoid cellphone use and just put your music list on shuffle through Bluetooth.
  5. Bluetooth is your friend, use it.
  6. Do not drink under the influence at all. One drink can be one drink too much.
  7. If you are extremely tired, avoid driving at all costs. Sleepiness is more fatal than DUI.
  8. Do not drive while under the effect of any drug.
  9. Respect the speed limit.

Common Injuries in Bethesda Highway Accidents

Accidents occurring on a highway can cause severe injuries and in some cases may even be fatal. While the injuries can range from minor to catastrophic, the most common injuries are:

  • Head and brain injuries: These injuries occur when the head hits the steering wheel or a side window. Head and brain injuries in a highway crash may include traumatic brain injury, skull fractures, and facial lacerations. Concussions are also extremely common and should be treated by a medical provider. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury—or TBI—caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.
  • Neck and back injuries: Whiplash is a common injury in motor vehicle accidents. Other common neck and back injuries include herniated disc and spinal cord injury.
  • Abdominal and chest injuries: Impact with a seat belt or steering wheel are common causes of chest and abdominal injuries in a car crash. Among the most serious are broken ribs and internal organ damage.
  • Knee and leg injuries: Because of the limited space the legs have behind the wheel of a vehicle, leg and knee injuries can result when they hit the dashboard in a collision. Fractured or sprained legs, knees, and ankles are common in highway accidents.
  • Hip injuries: Most victims feel a sharp pain in their hip, and discomfort in walking, bending, sitting down, or even standing up for too long. If the injury caused damage to the spine, the individual may require an emergency surgery or may even become paralyzed.
  • Paralysis: Known as the loss of muscle function in part of your body. It happens when something goes wrong with the way messages pass between your brain and muscles. Paralysis can be complete or partial. It can occur on one or both sides of your body. It can also occur in just one area, or it can be widespread

Why Choose Malloy Law Offices, LLC?

  • Our injury attorneys have more than 15 years of experience and know-how to handle highway accident cases professionally and successfully.
  • We are committed to helping our clients receive the maximum compensation possible. We believe that injured people have the right to claim what they deserve.
  • Our Bethesda personal injury attorneys and staff strive to make a difference in our clients’ lives through excellent, personalized service, strong legal knowledge, and hard work.

If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident that was someone else’s fault, the Bethesda highway accident lawyers at Malloy Law Offices, LLC is here to help. Call us as soon as possible if you have been hurt in a highway accident.