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Takoma Park Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Work accidents unfortunately happen more often than you may think. Work safety is important, however some employees have high-risk jobs. Nonetheless, if someone is hurt on the job, insurance companies should cover injuries but oftentimes they compensate less than what workers are entitled to. A Takoma Park Workers’ Compensation lawyer will hold insurance companies accountable. It’s not enough to just trust the insurance company has your best interest.

Insurance Pays Workers’ Compensation

Work injury insurance for employers exists in case an accident happens. Most employers have workers’ compensation insurance. Some may not have insurance and in situations like this, who pays for workers’ comp. insurance? Those who may not have access to injury insurance through their employers or who maybe may not be considered employees might be able to get coverage by other means.

For example, contractors have a special type of job. Typically, their work is temporary. They may not be employees of the company. It just depends on:

  • Who controls the work performed by the independent contractor
  • Whether or not the worker can be hired or fired
  • How the worker is paid

Even so, they may still be eligible by law to workers’ compensation. Every U.S. state is different, so if you’re unsure talk to a lawyer in your employer’s state of address. If you are in Maryland, talk to a Takoma Park workers’ compensation lawyer. They can not only point you in the right direction of where to get compensation but also if you may be eligible for compensation in your state. Not only does every location vary but also every injury.

Work Injuries Covered by Law

Knowing the type of injury you have can help you understand what you may be entitled to. This is also how Maryland, Virginia and D.C. determines how much you get back in compensation. Injuries can fall into 2 categories: “injuries by accident” and “occupational diseases.” They are both different in explaining what kind of injury you endured.

Injury by accident or accidental injury is external. This can range from cats and burns to a broken bone. You might be able to obtain worker’s comp. benefits if the following questions are answered, “yes”:

  • As mentioned earlier, was it sustained at work or a work-related event?
  • Was caused by a specific work-related activity?
  • Did the injury occur suddenly at a specific time during work?

The second work injury category is occupational diseases.

Internal issues would most often be a result of occupational diseases. Asbestos, mesothelioma, silicosis, etc. could fall under this category. You can obtain compensation for an occupational disease if these conditions are met:

  • The disease was directly caused by your work.
  • The disease is not already a condition that affects your health, unless it significantly affects your life.

Regardless of the injury, workers’ compensation is possible no matter an accident or an occupational disease.

Work Injury Compensation Insider

Everyone’s situation is different. Work injury severity is a huge part of how much compensation workers get back. The severity will determine whether you have:

  • Temporary total disability: Equal to two-thirds of your pre-injury average weekly wage.
  • Temporary partial disability: Equal to two-thirds of the difference between your pre-injury average weekly wage and your post-injury average weekly wage.
  • Permanent partial disability: Equal to two-thirds of your pre-injury average weekly wage.
  • Permanent total disability: Equal to two-thirds of your pre-injury average weekly wage.

This system is called workers’ compensation impairment rating. If you have a lawyer on your side, they will find a trusted doctor who will fairly ‘rate’ your injuries into the 4 categories.

Keep in mind, there are limits to compensation. For example, your weekly benefits cannot surpass the state’s average weekly wage. What the state’s average weekly wage is the average worker salary in the state you work in. That means that, if two-thirds of your own average weekly wage is more than the state’s, you may receive less because compensation is no longer based on your salary. Many other laws and exceptions may apply depending on your case. We encourage hiring a Takoma Park workers’ compensation lawyer because worker’s comp can be complex.

Benefits of Hiring a Takoma Park Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Believe it or not we have only covered a small portion of work injury law. There are other factors such as short-term disability, long-term disability, permanent, and partial damages. Having an extensive knowledge on workers’ comp law can help you make sure the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you. The insurance company works for your employer, not you. Unfortunately, most workers don’t get compensated anywhere close to the amount they are entitled to. Insurance is a business and this is a way for them to make more money. However, you need to make sure you are getting back what you’re owed. Hiring a Takoma Park workers’ compensation lawyer will save you the stress of knowing Maryland employment laws. You could then focus on your health and well-being.

After a work injury, it’s important to know what you should do. Step one: get medical help, right away if needed. Step 2: file for workers’ compensation as soon as possible. Talk to your employer and make sure you file the initial claim. Step 2 is completely separate from hiring a lawyer. Filing a claim reports the injury and prompts the insurance company to help. Lastly, step 3 (which we highly encourage but it’s completely up to you if you would like): Talk to a Takoma Park workers’ compensation lawyer. More specifically, our firm offers free consultation because you deserve to be heard.

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