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The Difference Between Auto Frauds And Lemon Laws In Maryland

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In the US, every year, an estimate of 150,000 cars have defects or repeated problems that shops fail to fix or compensate. Due to the car manufacturer or auto repair shop’s neglect, these types of cases would concern Lemon Law. Another field of law these issues could fall under is Auto Fraud. There are differences in both. Continue reading below to see which case aligns best with your situation.

What Is Auto Fraud?

Auto fraud, it very simple and straight forward. This is when automobile dealers use deceptive and unlawful practices. This type of fraud includes (1) false statements by the dealership about the condition, history, and quality of the vehicle. (2) Failing to inform salvage, total loss, or previous damage history. (3) Misrepresenting or lying about the warranty coming with the sale of the car. (4) Dealership does not deliver title to the car, or you cannot register the car. (5) Falsely promising to fix any errors of the car.

What Is Lemon Laws In Maryland?

Lemon law, on the other hand, is defined as a law offering car buyers relief for defects detected during a specified period after purchase. Lemon law varies by state. Below are the different qualifications of lemon in the state of Maryland.

In order for the vehicle to be considered lemon in the state of Maryland, it needs to meet all of the following attributes:

  • The vehicle was purchased new
  • It is still under warranty
  • It has a defect that prevents its safety, operation, or value

The manufacturer has, within the first 2 years or 18,000 miles

  • Made 4 attempts to repair the problem
  • Made one attempt to repair it if the defect affects the brakes or steering
  • Had the vehicle out of service for repairs for at least 30 days

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