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What is “Voir Dire?”

Voir dire is a critical step in any civil trial. The goal for each party during voir dire is to find truthful facts about the potential jurors and educate themselves so they can present their best case possible with confidence. But what exactly does “voir dire” mean? What are its origins? How is it different in Maryland? Find the answer to this and other legal questions here.

Defining the Term

You might have heard the term “voir dire” while waiting to become a juror in your local courthouse. This term translates from French as ‘to speak truth.’ It’s ultimately an oath taken by jurors to tell the truth whether their statements are objectively accurate or subjectively honest or both. This is used by both parties when they’re picking a jury. It’s essential to determining who will sit in the jury box and decide the issue of the case. During this time, your attorney can develop a rapport with the jury so they can know that you, the plaintiff, are trustworthy and you have a meritorious claim. Afterwards, the official jury is selected from the panel and the jurors who aren’t selected are dismissed.

Voir Dire in Maryland

There are very specific restrictions on voir dire in Maryland. There is only so much questioning you can do with potential jurors. If further investigation of the best jurors is needed, then a Maryland Voir Dire motion can be filed but it’s up to the discretion of the judge.

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