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What To Expect When Serving Jury Duty In The DMV Area?

Did you receive a notice that you’ve been selected to serve jury duty? Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC and we will be able to prepare you!


One of the most distinguishing features of the American Justice system is the jury trial. So, you may come home from work and you go and open up your mailbox and you see an ominous looking envelope from the clerk’s office for the local circuit court where you live and you open it up and what does it say? It says, “You have been summoned for jury duty.” It gives you a set of instructions and a questionnaire to fill out. You should be very proud of yourself for fulfilling your civic duty and for answering the call and to be a good juror and being willing to take time out of your busy schedule to serve your duty as a juror.

What Happens During Jury Duty?

Who could serve on a jury? Anybody. Any U.S. citizen conserves a jury, in our area, in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. In addition, Jurors are chosen from the voting roles and you may be called for jury service. You’re not supposed to be called frequently and most jurisdictions have a mechanism for selecting potential jurors off the jury rolls to ensure that they don’t get picked over and over again. The jury is not supposed to talk to each other. They’re not supposed to consider facts outside the courtroom.

In fact, in our modern jury’s if you listen to a judge giving instructions to the jury, they tell them “do not go online and do online research about the facts or subject of the case. You are to consider only the evidence that is presented to you by the attorneys in the trial. When the trial’s over, then the jury, as you say, gets the case. Meaning that they receive the final charge or set of instructions and they’re sent back into a room to deliberate and make decisions about the case. Who won? Who lost? How much money to award? And the jury will elect the person that will deliver the verdict.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Prepare You?

So if you find yourself sitting on a jury, it’s not a hassle. You shouldn’t look at it as a hassle or an inconvenience. You’re playing your part in one of the most important features in our American government. Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC our attorneys are experts with handling cases in the courtroom. Additionally, they know what to expect and rules in trial. If you would like to see how we handle these events, click here to view more. Lastly, call (888) 607-8690 for a free consultation.