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What Should You Do After A Dental Malpractice In The DMV?

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Dental Malpractice Statistics

A dental malpractice occurs when a dental patient is harmed by a dentist, hygienist, oral surgeon, or orthodontist. Statistics show that about 80% of dentists will be involved in at least one medical malpractice lawsuit sometime during their career. Additionally, about 13.1% of medical malpractice reports in the United States are filed against dentists. It’s no wonder that nearly 75% of adults have some amount of fear regarding dentist visits.

Most Common Conditions In A Dental Malpractice In The DMV

The most common medical conditions that occur after a dental malpractice includes the improper extraction of teeth, failure to diagnose oral conditions or diseases, failure to treat an infection, and failure to supervise employees or hygienists. A dental malpractice case tends to be more complex than any ordinary personal injury case. For this reason, some states may require an affidavit of merit. In Washington D.C and Virginia, an affidavit of merit is not required when filing for a dental practice lawsuit. Maryland, however, it is required.

How To Defend Your Case

The most important defenses in a dental malpractice case is providing clear and proper documentation. The patient’s dental record must provide a clear sequence of events, treatment plans, and all relevant communication between the patient and the dentist. A proper documentation includes:

  • A copy of a written consent form for any procedures that were handled
  • A precise record of the patient’s dental history
  • A treatment plan including any documentation that explains the reason for the treatment
  • Any notes that were written or near the time of the patient’s treatment

Remember that these records will be examined by many people. Thus, any missing information or inconsistencies will be a problem in defending your case.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Help

A dental malpractice in the DMV area can occur at any given time. We see a medical malpractice everyday here at our firm. In addition, click here to see how we handle these scenarios. If you’ve been severely injured due to medical malpractice, let Malloy Law Offices, LLC support your claim at (240) 221-7424.