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What Should You Do After A Product Liability In The DMV Area?

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Product liability cases are a unique type of personal injury case. A product’s liability case would arise at any time a company puts a product into the stream of commerce that injures people and the product is either dangerous in some way or fails to warn the user of the product of some danger that they may not be able to comprehend.

The Common Types of Product Liability In The DMV Area

The common types of product liability cases include pharmaceutical cases, dangerous drugs, oftentimes these cases can be rushed to market and made available to consumers before the effect of these products are fully known and the reason that this happens is because the pharmaceutical company may be putting profits over safety. Another type of product’s liability case are medical devices. The same motivation exists for medical devices. The company may rush these products to market without fully understanding how these products may pose a danger to the consumer.

There’s a big difference between a typical product liability case and a mass tort case. Typical product liability case may involve a one off type of defective product. Maybe it’s an airbag or some other type of household item. When you have a mass tort case, that’s when you have a collection of many different injuries happening in the same or substantially the same way from the same product and that’s why you see mass tort cases because it makes more sense to handle these cases collectively to the courts than to do it on a case by case basis.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Help With Your Product Liability Case?

You may have a product’s liability case if you’re unreasonably exposed to the risk of an injury by the manufacturer of the product or a reseller of some other entity that would put the product into the stream of commerce. Very few product’s liability cases actually result in a trial. In fact, very few civil cases result in a trial. That’s not to say that it would be impossible for your case to not go to court. It’s important for the lawyer to prepare for each case if it’s going to court. This is going to put you in the best position and allow the lawyer to obtain the highest possible compensation for you.

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We understand that these incidents happen unexpectedly. Here at our firm, it is our duty to make sure that the manufacturer does not cause any harm to future consumers. These situations happen frequently in Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. If you want to learn more information, click here to see how our attorneys are able to help. Are you ready to claim your product liability case? You can call Malloy Law Offices, LLC at (888) 607-8690 for a free consultation.