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Wheaton Wrongful Death Lawyer

A fatal accident can cause many parties to be affected. Mentally, emotionally, maybe even physically. Is it possible to have a Wheaton wrongful death lawyer after a tragic accident? Even after this event, it is still possible to get compensation for a beneficiaries financial changes with the help of a lawyer. No amount of money will ever take the place of your loved one, however, the negligent party can still be held accountable for their actions.

A Wheaton wrongful death lawyer can take the financial burden off your shoulders. We want you to recover mentally yourselves. We also understand the financial stress of a wrongful death case as well. This is why we wouldn’t want you to pay us out of pocket while we help you with your claim. This reason among others is why we believe our team of legal experts can be the justice you need.

Choosing Us as Your Wheaton Wrongful Death Lawyers

Our lawyers have been practicing in personal injury since 2004. This has given us the opportunity to work with many differing insurance companies. When it comes to wrongful death claims life insurance is involved. They are meant to help those affected by a fatal accident. None the less, a lawyer makes sure you get fair compensation. As messed up as it sounds, insurance companies try to cut corners because after all they are a business. Our Wheaton wrongful death lawyer team fights for maximum compensation and nothing less. The Malloy team also:

  • Has earned many trial lawyer awards and earned recognition after years of experience representing many plaintiff cases. We have received recognition for our knowledge in this field
  • Has had many years of real-world experience. Recognition for law is great but nothing beats having hands on experience
  • Offers a contingency fee system. Therefore, you don’t pay anything unless we win your case and you don’t pay out of pocket during your legal pursuit

Hiring a lawyer can seem daunting but in the end, your case will benefit in your favor. Feeling emotionally and mentally drained is understandable. An attorney can be a clear mind for you to receive back financial compensation. Wrongful death is a big section of law but how do you know if your case falls under wrongful death law?

Common Wrongful Death Cases

In Maryland, Virginia and D.C., the definition of wrongful death is a death caused by another person through some act of carelessness, disregard or intent to harm. Common claims or reasons to open a case stem from:

Some other practice areas that may involve wrongful death are, but not limited to

Negligence needs to be proved to the insurance company before they compensate. After the passing of your loved one, how can you prove the other party at-fault? Continue reading to find out how a Wheaton wrongful death lawyer does it.

Proving Negligence With a Wheaton Wrongful Death Lawyer

The main idea needed for a lawyer to prove this kind of claim is ‘Burden of proof’. Burden of proof says that the other party who caused the accident had duty to care for other parties, breached that duty and in turn caused the death. There is evidence that can prove this beach of duty. A lawyer with many years of practice would know what to gather and how much you should be compensated. How much you get back, even if you are eligible to get anything back, depends on your relationship with the party who had passed.

Wrongful Death and Beneficiaries

In Maryland, Virginia and D.C. benefices of the innocent party are eligible to file for wrongful death. Beneficiaries are defined as a person or people who are eligible to the benefits of another’s trusts, wills, or life insurance policy, if an incident occurs. For example, close surviving relatives may file. More specifically, primary beneficiaries would include surviving relatives such as spouse, parent or child. Secondary beneficiaries includes siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Either of these two parties are eligible to file on behalf of the person who had passed.  However, second beneficiaries can only file if no surviving primary beneficiaries exist. The reason that primary beneficiaries often times hire a lawyer is to recover lost current and future finances. While secondary beneficiaries normally file to recover losses for the estate. Along what that other damages may be attainable to recover.

Other Damages That Can Be Recovered

Financial loss is important to recover after wrongful death. Moreover, a wrongful death lawsuit can recover more than just that. Almost always, primary beneficiaries claim losses to recover for mental anguish, loss of consortium, and the costs of a funeral or burial service, along with loss financial support. Compared to secondary beneficiaries, who typically get compensated for direct losses, such as pain and suffering and costs of a funeral.

No amount of money will ever replace your loved one. Nonetheless, you can seek legal action and serve justice on the defendant. Our Wheaton wrongful death lawyer can bring back the financial compensation you are entitled to after a fatal accident.

How to Contact Our Wheaton Wrongful Death Lawyer Team

You don’t have to do this alone. An experienced lawyer can be the clear head you may need to get justice, while you recover yourself. We want to hear you out as well. You are not just a number but a part of the family. Our team offers free case evaluations, so there is no financial risk ever. Call (888) 982-0906. Justice is just one click away.