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Bicycle and Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders Everywhere

Posted on 08/07/23 by admin in Auto Accidents,Biker Accidents

While the arrival of oppressive heat and humidity causes some to seek the nearest public pool or air-conditioned room, other’s relish the year’s hottest days as peak time for pursing their favorite hobbies and pastimes. Cyclists and bikers especially take advantage of the summer months to tackle scenic roads and trails. Whether you’re simply after a bit of cooling wind in your hair and a sense of freedom or working up a sweat through aerobic exercise, the warm summer months are ideal for seeing your world on two wheels. Malloy Law Offices would like to stress the importance of keeping an eye out for an increased number of cyclists and bikers on our roads and to treat them with care and respect. After all, they have a right to the road too. Here’s a few bicycle and motorcycle safety tips to keep in mind.

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Helmets and Other Safety Equipment

First and most obviously, any and all operators of a two-wheeled vehicle of any kind should obtain and wear an appropriate safety helmet. While riding these vehicles may offer a pleasurable and exhilarating exposure to the elements, it may also expose the rider to serious injury in the event of an accident. A helmet is essential for preventing or minimizing head trauma. Even relatively minor traumatic brain injury can have lasting debilitative effects on the injured person’s quality of life. Riders should ensure that their helmets are certified by the appropriate regulatory bodies (such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission) for maximum protection.

There are, of course, other categories of safety gear beyond crash helmets. While they may be less obvious, they may prove just as essential in the event of a serious accident or collision. It is recommended that motorcyclists in particular make use of:

  • A padded or armored jacket (while this may be uncomfortable in extreme heat, it may prove invaluable in preventing serious contusions and lacerations in the event of a crash)
  • Long pants, ideally made from sturdy fabrics
  • Appropriately tough and protective footwear
  • Gloves, to protect hands and improve grip on handlebars

While protective gear beyond a helmet may not be as much a matter of life and death for bicyclists, they can still benefit by wearing protective equipment such as gloves, protective glasses, or knee and elbow pads. Riders of all kinds should also consider:

  • Bright and reflective clothing (especially in low light)
  • A first aid kit
  • A repair kit
  • Bike lights

The Importance of Insurance

Like any road legal vehicle, motorcyclists are required to have their bike insured. While everyone’s financial situation will be different, Malloy Law Offices would like encourage every rider on the road to purchase as much insurance as they can afford. A robust insurance policy can protect your family from financial hardship in the wake of a tragic and unexpected accident.

Defensive Riding and Contributory Negligence

While safety equipment can be the difference between minor scrapes and bruises and catastrophic injury, oftentimes the conduct of the rider is most determinative. Riders should avoid weaving in and out of traffic, as car and truck drivers often do not notice smaller vehicles in their blind spots until it is too late. Riders should also obey posted speed limits and signal turns in advance. In general, a focus on defensive riding, especially around larger vehicles, is perhaps the best bicycle and motorcycle safety tips we can offer.

Though this is good advice anywhere, it’s especially relevant in our region. Maryland and Virginia are both among a minority of states to employ contributory negligence laws in their handling of personal injury cases. This means that if the injured party’s conduct in the lead-up to their injury was a contributing factor to that injury’s occurrence, they may be barred from recovering damages of any kind. This still applies even if the injuries suffered by a rider are far graver than any damage incurred by another driver. Obeying traffic laws and riding defensively can protect your financial well-being from the negligence of others.

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How Malloy Law Can Help

Malloy Law Offices is proud to be a law firm that cyclists and bikers can trust. We’ve been representing the victims of bicycle and motorcycle accidents for over fifteen years. Our firm employs some of DC, Maryland, and Virginia’s finest personal injury attorneys. Our experienced and diverse team prides itself on an empathetic, client-first approach. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle or bicycle accident, contact Malloy Law for a free consultation. We hope these bicycle and motorcycle safety tips help you enjoy your next ride with peace of mind.