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Debunking Personal Injury Myths

Posted on 06/17/24 by admin in Personal Injury

Many people live their entire lives without ever requiring the services of a personal injury attorney. Indeed, even for a firm like Malloy Law Offices which handles hundreds of cases per year, the vast majority of our clients are dealing with the legal profession and the court system for the first time. On the whole, this is a good thing. The trauma and misfortune which leads a private citizen to enlist the services of a personal injury attorney is often of a tragic and cruel nature. Fewer injuries, damaged or destroyed possessions, and derailed lives is always a good thing. But this disconnect between the layperson and the legal profession means that the public can end up with a warped idea of what personal injury law is actually like. Today, we’ll be debunking personal injury myths to bridge this deficit in understanding.

personal injury myths

“Our Best Possible Offer”

Oftentimes, insurance companies will use some variant of this phrase when offering a settlement to an accident victim. This language is meant to suggest that the insurance adjustor in question is totally inflexible and will not negotiate further on the compensation you are due. They may allude to some professional calculations to arrive at the value they are offering, thus intimidating you with expertise.

In general, “intimidation” is a good word for this tactic. The insurance company’s first offer of a settlement is generally the lowest offer they think you will accept. This offer will often arrive in short order after your accident, with the intention of closing your claim quickly so that you cannot consult with a personal injury attorney and determine the real value of their case.

In general, while you should be cordial and professional in any communications with insurance companies, you should never ignore the fact that they are running a for-profit enterprise. Protecting the bottom line is always going to take precedence over dealing fairly with you.

personal injury myths

“A Personal Injury Case Will Take Too Long”

Are you familiar with the phrase “haste makes waste?” Rushing to complete a task will often mean more headaches down the road when you find you have to correct shoddy work. Such is the case with this category of personal injury myths.

It is true that the strategizing, evidence-gathering, and settlement negotiations of a personal injury attorney will take longer than simply accepting the first offer received. But it’s worth considering that accepting that offer effectively means closing the door on any further compensation. Rushing towards a quick settlement may be appealing in the moment, but you may find that the monies paid to you are insufficient to cover even your immediate medical expenses, lost property, and lost wages. This is to say nothing of the ongoing inconvenience and disability which you may deal with in the years to come.

When dealing with your own well-being and personal finances “too long” is all relative. When guaranteeing your best possible life in the years to come, patience may pay dividends. After all, to invoke another truism; “good things come to those who wait.”

Personal Injury Myths

“Ambulance Chasers”

This is likely the most pernicious and notorious type of personal injury myths. The popular perception of the personal injury lawyer is one of greed, opportunism, and frivolity. Think of Lionel Hutz in the Simpsons or Jackie Chiles in Seinfeld.

Popular parodic perceptions of a profession are by no means exclusive to the practice of law. All professions are subject to some degree of stereotype, but negative perceptions and mean-spirited jokes about lawyers seem to be especially prevalent. True, not every lawyer is a saint. Just as every profession has its negative stereotypes, every profession has its bad actors to reinforce those stereotypes. But this should not discourage injured persons from seeking ethical and responsible legal representation.

In the modern age of the internet, it has never been easier to evaluate law firms in your area. Client reviews and testimonials, as well as industry databases and publications can help brush aside these bad actors and direct injured persons towards the high standard of representation needed to claim the best possible outcome to a personal injury case.

Personal injury myths

How Malloy Law Can Help

Here at Malloy Law Offices, we seek to brush aside harmful personal injury myths through exceptional service, aggressive representation, and an empathetic attitude towards the injured. If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another, Malloy Law is here to help. Our experienced and diverse team has the talent and know how to win your case. Contact Malloy Law today to see the difference.