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How To Pursue Your Case Of A Premature Discharge In Washington D.C.?

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Is premature discharge considered medical malpractice? An early hospital leave prescribed by a doctor can become a medical malpractice lawsuit. On average every year in the United States, about every 45 seconds a new medical malpractice claim is filed. Premature discharge contributes to these numbers. Additionally, deciding when to have the patient discharge from a hospital or any medical facility can be tricky. This requires balance or many factors and there is a lot of room for error.

What Is A Premature Discharge?

If a patient discharges to early, there could be serious consequence. A premature discharge is when a patient leaves the hospital or medical facility before they are reasonably safe to do so. In addition, this can occur in emergency rooms, intensive care unit, or any department in a hospital. This can also occur in a psychiatric hospital or residential facility, a drug rehab facility, or a nursing home.

Common Reasons For a Premature Discharge In Washington D.C

There are couple of reasons of why premature discharges occur. The most common reasons are logistical and financial. Moreover, hospitals are frequently under pressure to keep costs low and open up new beds for patients who need them and this leads to poor decision making when it comes to releasing a patient from the hospital. However, other times is just simply carelessness.

How To Prove Your Premature Discharge Case In Washington D.C.?

To make a medical malpractice claim for premature discharge, the victim has to prove that a doctor or a professional medical provider did not meet all standards of care in making the decision. Also, they must show evidence that the premature discharge led to harm and damages such as readmission, pain and suffering, or a worsening or new condition.

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