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Maryland Worker’s Comp Guide

Posted on 01/09/23 by admin in Workers' Compensation

A common myth about worker’s compensation is that it only really applies to dangerous professions, such as mining, construction, or factory work. But this is simply not the case! While laws vary from state to state worker’s comp applies to most American working people. It makes no difference whether your workplace is a job site or an office. You have the right to claim just compensation for injuries suffered on the job. Malloy Law is proud to offer worker’s compensation legal services a cornerstone of our practice. Today we’ll be getting you up to speed with some general worker’s compensation facts and knowledge in this Maryland worker’s comp guide.

Maryland Worker's Comp

A Notable Exception

While we’re honored to serve clients all across Maryland (in addition to Virginia and the District of Colombia), our flagship office’s proximity to our nation’s capital makes us keenly aware of the large federal contracting apparatus that employs thousands of people in the wider DC metro area. Many of these jobs are classified as “independent contractors” rather than federal employees. It should be noted that these independent contractors are ineligible for worker’s comp. Workers should always be aware of their employment status so they can be aware of what their rights and responsibilities are in case of an injury.

Maryland work injury

Why Prompt Reporting Matters

Reporting a workplace injury as soon as possible is an important step in obtaining worker’s compensation benefits. Reporting your injury can ensure that you receive the care and financial support you need to recover. In addition to helping you recover from your physical injuries, filing a claim for workers’ comp can also protect your job and help cover medical bills associated with treating your injuries. Failure to report may jeopardize your chances of receiving benefits.  Remember that worker’s compensation is meant to cover workplace injuries. The longer you take to report, the harder it will be to prove that the injury happened in the workplace.

The Maryland Worker’s Comp Commission And You

Maryland workplace injury

Maryland worker’s comp claims are handled through the state Worker’s Compensation Commission. Filing a claim starts with filling out Employee Claim Form C-1. This form can be filled out and submitted entirely online. But if you would prefer a physical copy you can request one from your employer or receive one by contacting the Commission by phone. Forms are provided free of charge. If your injuries are covered under worker’s compensation, you’ll not only be entitled to coverage of your medical bills but you’ll also receive income replacement if you miss more than three days of work. In the event that you miss more than fourteen days of work you’ll also be paid for those first three.

The Lasting Effects of a Workplace Injury

If your workplace injury results in a tragic permanent disability, you will receive benefits based on the type and severity of your disability. If your injury prevents you from returning to your job, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation and training through the commission. This program helps people who have suffered life-altering injuries re-enter the workforce. Contact the Commission for more information.

How Malloy Law Can Help

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In the aftermath of a workplace injury, your health should be your primary concern. Navigating the worker’s compensation process while juggling doctors’ visits, conversations with insurance companies, and the usual expenses of life can put you under undue stress and adversely affect your recovery. Don’t handle your worker’s compensation claim alone. Malloy Law Offices is home to Maryland’s worker’s comp specialists. Our experienced and diverse team of attorneys can pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. We pride ourselves on a strong culture of communication with our clients and empathy for the injured. Don’t wait to seek justice! Contact Malloy Law today to get started.