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Our Warehouse Workers Comp Guide

Posted on 12/04/23 by admin in Workers' Compensation

Did you know that over 1.3 million Americans are currently employed as warehouse workers? The need to store goods before they hit store shelves stretches back to the earliest days of the market economy. The warehousing industry has only grown in our modern age of commerce. The ascendance of “big box” retailers such as Wal-Mart created a greater demand for goods held in reserve to keep store shelves stocked. The more recent emergence of online direct-to-consumer platforms like Amazon has driven the need for warehouse space and warehouse labor to never before seen heights. While these jobs create opportunities for disenfranchised and under-educated communities, they also come with considerable risk. The physical tasks expected of a warehouse worker can lead to serious injury. Today we’ll be examining warehouse workers comp.

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Warehouse Workers Comp Statistics

Based on data from the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the average rate of injuries in American warehouses was 4.8 per 100 employees. So roughly five percent of warehouse employees will be subject to some kind of on the job injury in the next calendar year. When we take that injury rate and apply it to the 1.3 million total Americans employed in the warehousing industry that comes out to roughly 65,000 injuries per year. We must also assume that the true total is higher than this estimate, as some injuries go unreported and undiagnosed.

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Common Warehouse Injuries

The obvious question then is how do these injuries occur and what do they entail? While a percentage of these injuries occur due to workplace accidents caused by carelessness or negligence, many more are a simple consequence of the strenuous physical exertion demanded of the average warehouse worker.
Common causes of warehouse injuries include:

  • Wear and Tear – Repeated heavy lifting can cause wear and tear on the muscles. The knees, shoulders, and back are especially at risk.
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls – The floor of a warehouse can often become hazardous over the course of a busy workday. Debris or moisture may accumulate in vital areas.
  • Electrical Shock – The machinery required to move vast amounts of cargo may be improperly secured, leading to serious injury.
  • Chemical Burns – In warehouses dedicated to storing and transporting hazardous materials, improper storage can expose workers to these dangerous chemicals.
  • Moving Machinery – Forklifts are ever-present in any modern warehouse. While these machines save tremendous amounts of time and effort, they’re also capable of causing serious injuries if improperly or negligently operated.
  • Falling Objects – If wares are improperly stored on shelves, they may shift or tip over. This has the potential to cause serious injury to anyone caught underneath.

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What Steps Should Injured Warehouse Workers Take?

If warehouse worker that has suffered an on-the-job injury, their first priority should be their own health. Seek first aid and contact emergency services if necessary. Once any immediate danger has passed, the next step is reporting the incident to their supervisor. The injured worker will receive documentation to file a claim with their employer’s insurance carrier. When this paperwork is received, the employer will submit a claim, alert OSHA, and report the occurrence to the state worker’s compensation board or agency. If both the insurance company and the employer agree that the accident occurred on the job, the employee will begin to receive compensation from the insurance company. However, if the employer or the insurance company disagrees with the employee’s assessment of their injury, benefits may be delayed or even denied. The injured employee may file an appeal with the appropriate authorities.

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How a Warehouse Workers Comp Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one are a warehouse worker injured on the job, you may become overwhelmed. You may have to deal with lost pay, medical expenditures, and a long and winding road to recovery. You do not have to tackle these difficulties alone. Malloy Law Offices is home to Maryland and Washington DC’s warehouse worker’s comp specialists. Our varied and skilled staff can steer your claim to the best outcome and vigorously defend for your best interests. Don’t put off scheduling a free consultation with Malloy Law. Contact us today to claim what you’re entitled to.