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Recovery From Trauma After An Accident: Tips For Those Injured & Their Loved Ones

Posted on 01/17/22 by admin in Catastrophic Injuries,Personal Injury

The effects of an injury-causing accident can be detrimental. Recovery from trauma can also affect family members and loved ones of the injured person. Injury victims need to recover physically and sometimes emotionally, which may require the support of their loved ones. Moreover, loved ones need time to process and develop healthy coping mechanisms to assist the injured party and make sure they take care of themselves as well.

Recovery from trauma after an accident takes time. Whatever side you are on, whether you’re the injured person or a loved one, be prepared for the future and take these steps to heal faster.

Recovery From Trauma Takes Time

Continuously receiving treatment from the right doctor for the duration of a personal injury case is necessary. However, accidental injuries take a toll on mental health as well.

A UK study was done on how mental health is affected as well as physical health after an unintentional injury. Regardless of where you are in the world, it’s clear that 100% of people who face injury-causing accidents endure some type of emotional damage as well. Going through this can negatively affect everyone involved. However, know that you should never focus your energy on blaming yourself. That’s because doing so will prolong the recovery process. Remember, your mental health can contribute to the way you feel physically.

inspirational quote about taking time to yourself when facing recovery from trauma

Accidents Affect Multiple Parties

We always encourage people to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer because they may already be facing multiple hurdles. As for the family members or loved ones, it’s important for you to keep in mind that recovery from trauma takes time.

After an accident, your loved one who is injured may be facing many challenges that they might not be able to fully expressed to you. They may not want to overwhelm you with information causing you to worry. So, our advice to you is to be there for them no matter what. While you’re doing so, make sure you continue to take care of your mental health as well.

Things You Can Do Right Now To Help With Recovery From Trauma 

If you or a loved one are facing the effects of a personal injury accident, we want to equip you with helpful coping mechanisms. First and foremost, understand that there will be changes. That can include changes to schedule, health, relationships, etc. Life more than likely will be altered after an accident. Everyone’s situation is different, so be aware of your own life’s changes. 

Next if you or someone you love is seeking recovery from trauma, limit the amount of news or social media you consume. We have access to news 24/7 and it can be unhealthy to consume news for that long. Many news stories involve traumatic events, which may cause some people to relive the accident they faced over and over. As a loved one, it’s important to practice healthy coping mechanisms as well because not only will it take a toll on you if you consume too much bad news but it also shows support during this time. Don’t get sucked up into the extra negativity. 

negative effects of social media and news when dealing with recovery from trauma

It’s important to plan time out and partake in activities that are safe while getting better. Focusing on your interests while dealing with recovery from trauma can be good for all-around health. This tip goes for both the injured party and their loved ones.

Advice For Long-Term Recovery From Trauma

Recovery from trauma after an accident takes time. Long-term actions can be taken into consideration when facing an injury from an accident. For those who are injured, your doctors may tell you how your injury will affect you in the long-term. However, they may offer you tools like physical therapy exercises to complete. Listen to and continue exercises that your doctor recommends. Doing so may help you recover faster and positively impact your future abilities. Your physical health as well as your mental health is important. 

physical therapy session with man completing physical therapy exercises

Accidents change people’s lives in some way. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when facing recovery from trauma. Therefore, whoever is involved with the effects of the accident, consider getting help for your mental well-being. Going to therapy can be intimidating but coping with the accident can be too much to handle alone and can wear on anyone. You may need to get extra help for you mentally because communicating is too exhausting, getting sleep is seemingly impossible, and your mind is anxious or feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few examples but if you ever need professional guidance from a therapist, do it. Doing so can help you in the long run.

Getting extra assistance for your mental health can go a long way. However, you may need support for your personal injury case. Working on your own injury case can cause you to lose more of your time and cause more frustration. The insurance company will not make it easy for you, therefore consider talking to an attorney who works for you and your loved ones. 

Don’t Do It Alone, Talk To A Lawyer

In summary, the best coping mechanism for recovering from an accident is to not endure it alone. Here at Malloy Law Offices, we want to help injury victims and their families reach a settlement that they are entitled to. If you are unsure how we do that or how the process works, call us: 202-933-1918. Our firm offers free consultation to discuss anything about your case. We want to make sure that your recovery from trauma after a personal injury accident starts as soon as possible.