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Shopping Mall Injuries

Posted on 10/18/18 by Malloy Law Offices in Premises Liability

What happens to you after a shopping mall injury? Who is held responsible for your injury?

January 17, 2019

Let’s Go to the Mall

Everyone loves a good trip to the shopping mall in Maryland. But what if you get injured while there? What happens to you after a shopping mall injury? Who is held responsible for your injury? There are more injuries than just slip-and-fall accidents that can occur at a shopping mall. Here is a look at shopping mall injuries.

Causes for Injury

Aside from slip-and-falls caused by wet floors or other hazards, victims of shopping mall accidents can also suffer a multitude of injuries. These can include head injuries, injuries from overcrowding, injuries caused by shopping carts, injuries in the parking lots, and injuries to the body.

Overcrowding injuries can occur when other people trample on the victim(s) after being knocked to the ground. This happens frequently during holiday sales or other events taking place at the mall. Shopping carts also can cause injuries to people. Carts can cause someone to fall if the cart tips over, they can run over someone’s foot, or they can ram into someone.

Injuries in the parking lots of the shopping mall occur in several situations. These can include when victims fall due to icy conditions, hazards in the roadway, failure to remove snow, cracks in the pavement, and improperly designed parking lots.

What You Can Do

Victims injured in shopping mall accidents have the legal right to file personal injury claims. This is possible under the negligence laws of the state of Maryland. If the accident led to the death of a victim, the surviving family members could be eligible to file a wrongful death claim.

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