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The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention After An Accident

Posted on 10/23/23 by admin in Personal Injury

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, the average person likely has a lot on their mind. They may be concerned with lost or damaged property. They may be beset by insurance concerns. It’s even possible that their heightened emotional state has them behaving irrationally. But there’s an even more prominent concern that people involved in accidents should consider first and foremost: namely their own health. We here at Malloy Law have never been shy about encouraging persons involved in accidents to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This still applies if you don’t believe you’re hurt, or are only suffering minor injuries. Today we’ll be reinforcing the importance of seeking medical attention after an accident. This will not just cover medical concerns, but also legal considerations you may not have previously considered. Let’s get started.

medical attention

Protecting Your Health

People may understandably chafe at the idea of dropping their plans to seek medical attention. You may fear being labeled a hypochondriac if you cancel previous engagements over “a little slip” or a “fender-bender.” But after an accident, your health should always come first. Even mild injuries can have hidden repercussions or delayed symptoms. Seeking early medical attention guarantees that any injuries are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, preventing long-term health problems.

Legal Considerations

Establishing the Connection

Prompt medical attention is also vital from a legal standpoint. Delaying medical treatment may give insurance companies reasons to deny claims. Why? Because the longer you wait to seek medical attention, the more difficult it will be to establish a link between your injuries and the accident. Insurance companies may claim that your injuries were not caused by the accident that occurred.

Creating a Hard Record

When you contact a healthcare expert right after an accident, you make a physical record of your injuries. This medical record is critical in any future legal procedures. It makes a clear connection between your injuries and the accident, making it easier for your attorney to advocate for your rights.

Medical attention

Seeking Compensation

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, injured people have several options for claiming compensation:

Insurance Claims

If you are injured in a car accident, for example, you can submit a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Prompt medical attention strengthens your claim by providing proof of your injuries and their relation to the accident.

Personal Injury Law

In circumstances when the conduct of a negligent party caused your injuries, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Medical documents from initial treatment, once again, bolster your case by proving a connection between the accident and your injuries.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits may be provided for job injuries. Seeking timely medical attention not only protects your health but also produces the essential paper trail to back up your claim.

Medical Attention

How Malloy Law Can Help

Navigating the legal issues that can accompany an accident can be difficult, particularly when dealing with insurance companies or pursuing legal action. This is when reputable law firms like Malloy Law Offices come in. They specialize in representing those who have been injured as a result of negligence or an accident. Don’t put off your recovery as every second counts in your pursuit of sufficient compensation. Reach out to legal specialists like Malloy Law Offices who are committed to assisting you through this difficult time, providing you with the support and guidance you require to obtain the justice and recompense you deserve.