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The Most Dangerous Roads Nearby: DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Posted on 02/26/24 by admin in Auto Accidents

Do you have any roads you avoid? Perhaps some highways or arterial routes become impassible during rush hour. Perhaps snow or rain can turn a backroad treacherous. Commuters in the know may keep an eye on road construction schedules and plan detours. But try as you might, you’ll likely be left with no other choice than to drive on a road you’d rather not be traveling at some point. Today’s blog post will be a roundup of some of the most dangerous roads nearby, with consideration paid to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

dangerous roads nearby

A Note on Methodology

We will be defining “dangerous” roads on a statewide level in terms of total reported fatalities. This will mean highways will generally be prioritized for discussion. However, given that Washington DC is a special case, we’ll be focusing more on problematic or hazardous intersections.

Dangerous Roads: Maryland

563 people died on Maryland roads in 2022. This includes 135 pedestrians and 11 bicyclists. The three deadliest counties were:

  1. Prince George’s (99 Deaths)
  2. Baltimore (63 Deaths)
  3. Montgomery (44 Deaths)

According to data collected between 2015 and 2017, the most dangerous individual route in Maryland is Interstate 95 with 32 fatalities in the time surveyed. Frequent highway drivers will likely not be surprised at this. I-95 runs from Miami to the Canadian border. It is the longest north-south interstate highway and the sixth longest overall. Given its reach and proximity to large coastal commercial centers like Philadelphia and New York, I-95 sees massive volumes of both commercial and private traffic. This highway has multiple infamous stretches, including its routes through Florida and the Philadelphia metro area.

Other Dangerous Maryland Routes Include

  • US Route 1
  • US Route 301
  • Maryland Route 201 (Indian Head Highway)
  • Maryland Route 202 (Landover Road)
  • Maryland Route 90 (Ocean City Expressway)
  • Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway)

dangerous roads virginia

Dangerous Roads: Virginia

1005 drivers died on Virginia roads in 2022. The three deadliest counties were:

  1. Fairfax (66 Deaths)
  2. Richmond City (34 Deaths)
  3. Chesterfield (34 Deaths)

Virginia’s dangerous roads nearby include Interstate 64. In particular, the stretch between exits 261A and 264 accounted for 11 deaths between 2018 and 2020. Drivers in the Hampton area should exercise an increased degree of caution. The second most dangerous stretch of road in Virginia is Hull St. Rd. from Wayside Dr. to Evans St. in Richmond. This five mile stretch has accounted for 9 deaths in the years surveyed. In third; The Hampton Roads Beltway between exits 281 and 274. This stretch has accounted for 8 deaths.

Other Dangerous Virginia Roads Include:

  • I-295 from Exit 41A to Exit 34B
  • US-13 from Indian River Rd. to Baker Rd.
  • I-95 from Exit 160A to 166A
  • Mechanicsville Turnpike from Colter Dr. to Old Hickory Dr.
  • US-1 from Haden Ave. to Bellwood Rd.
  • I-95 from Exit 92A to Old Ridge Rd.
  • Brock Rd. from Catharpin Rd. to Orange Plank Rd.

dangerous roads washington DC

Dangerous Roads: Washington DC

While the capital beltway can boast fearsome rush hour traffic (with the Montgomery county stretch between Connecticut Ave and I-270 accounting for 330 crashes in 2021) it’s not technically a Washington DC road, although it is a dangerous road nearby.
Instead we’ll list some intersections known to be hazardous to both drivers and pedestrians. Tourists especially should pay attention while crossing the street in these areas.

  • New York Ave and Florida Ave NE
  • Pennsylvania Ave. and 12th Street, NW
  • Pennsylvania Ave. and Anacostia Freeway SE
  • 14th Street and U Street, NW

If You’re Involved in an Accident

While the above roads may represent outliers in terms of traffic safety, If you or a loved one is involved in an accident anywhere in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC, Malloy Law can help. Our experienced attorneys are the DMV’s car accident specialists. There’s no better ally to have when seeking compensation for damaged property, lost wages, medical bills, and emotional trauma. Contact Malloy Law Offices today and let’s win your case.