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Virginia Speeding Accident Nearly Ends in Tragedy

Posted on 05/08/23 by admin in Auto Accidents

Repairing, modifying, and driving cars is a hobby, profession, and pastime for many people. But it’s important to remember that cars are not toys. Even in this day and age, where cars are safer than ever before, a moment of irresponsibility behind the wheel can lead to life-changing consequences. A recent incident in Fairfax County, Virginia has highlighted the dangers of excessive speeding and irresponsible driving. The harrowing video of the incident gives a rare look at the devastating consequences of speeding, and how quickly it can turn tragic. Malloy Law Offices has the full report on this Virginia speeding accident. As well as what your legal options may be in the event of a speeding accident.


Unpacking the Recent Virginia Speeding Accident

On May 1st, 2023, a Fairfax county police officer was involved in a routine traffic stop on the Fairfax county parkway. While the officer was speaking to the driver of the car he’d pulled over, a second car, identified as a BMW M3 sports sedan, approached in the opposite direction travelling in excess of 120 miles per hour. The M3 was driven by a seventeen year old and had two more teenage passengers along for the ride. The driver lost control while turning and careened across the highway median, crashing into the pulled-over car at high speed. The dash cam video from the officer’s police cruiser captured the near-catastrophe. The officer thankfully evaded the oncoming M3 by mere inches.

Miraculously, no major injuries were reported among the officer, driver of the stopped car, or anyone in the speeding vehicle. Both the M3’s driver and the officer were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and discharged shortly thereafter. The driver of the M3 was arrested and charged with reckless driving. Suffice it to say, everyone involved can count themselves lucky that the outcome was not far worse.

How Speeding Can Affect You

To be clear; if you are travelling well in excess of the speed limit and find yourself involved in a collision or other accident, the potential consequences may be severe. Not only do you risk severe injury or death, you are also likely exposing yourself to criminal penalties, just like the young driver of that BMW.

Furthermore, any chance you had of recovering damages from your insurance company or any other driver involved will likely evaporate when it comes to light that you were speeding. In fact it may make you liable for any property damage or medical bills the other driver is facing in the wake of the accident. Even if the other driver was behaving irresponsibly, the contributory negligence laws in Maryland and Virginia will likely block any attempt at recovery. We’ve previously covered these contributory negligence laws and their link to speeding, and you can find the full account here.

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If You Are Involved in an Accident With a Speeding Driver

Malloy Law Offices would like to encourage all our clients, readers, and neighbors to obey the posted speed limits at all times. Whether you’re on a crowded freeway or an empty suburban street, the legal speed limit is there to keep you safe, as well as your fellow drivers and pedestrians. But even if you obey the rules of the road, you may find yourself victimized by a reckless driver. If you are involved in an accident with a speeding driver, your health is your first concern. Do not hesitate to contact emergency services for anyone who may have an injury. Professionally identifying and treating your injuries is the first step to recovery.

Once you’ve seen to your health, documenting the scene of the accident should be the next priority on your list. Exchange insurance information with the other driver. Take pictures of the damage to your car as well as any others involved. You should also prioritize gathering witness statements and seeking out traffic cam footage. This will be instrumental in proving that the other driver involved was speeding, and therefore negligent.

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How a Virginia Speeding Accident Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one has been victimized by a reckless, speeding driver, Malloy Law Offices can help. Our firm is home to the Beltway’s car accident specialists. Our team can help you navigate the complex aftermath of your accident. We understand that every case is unique and we strive to provide individualized attention to all our clients. Our diverse and experienced team has been winning for our clients for over fifteen years. Let us fight for you next. Contact us today for a free consultation.