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What A Food Delivery Driver Accident Case Is REALLY Worth

Posted on 02/08/22 by admin in Auto Accidents,Workers' Compensation

No matter what delivery service you work for, know that a food delivery driver accident may be eligible for further compensation than what you are being offered! How much is a delivery driver accident valued at? Consider 3 factors to figure out the value:

  1. Know that the demand for delivery drivers is increasing
  2. What type of insurance covers a food delivery driver accident?
  3. If you have an additional injury claim as well (continue reading to learn more on if you have multiple injury claims)

Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates and Grubhub are the 4 most popular food delivery services in the 21st century. Many people find that working in delivery is flexible and rewarding. Working as a delivery driver requires you to essentially be on the road often. If people on the road aren’t careful, they get into accidents.

close up of a bag with a green fork on it and the title uber eats

We here at Malloy Law Offices commonly get asked, “what happens if I’m working as a delivery driver and I get into an accident”? A food delivery driver accident can stir up more uncertainties than a typical motor-vehicle accident. These types of claims are unfortunately becoming more common as the food delivery business expands.

Numbers On The Road Contributing To A Food Delivery Driver Accident

In 2019, food delivery app users increased from 1.16 billion users to now over 1.46 billion.

Food delivery app usage data

The more demand for food delivery, the more drivers that are on the road. Moreover, with a higher demand means an increase of the potential for motor-vehicle accidents. A huge demand for food delivery drivers also increases the value and need for workers in the industry. Oftentimes, there are more risks involved with a worker on the road than with an employee who works in an office. Why is that? Continue reading to find out why. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics in 2021

Driving for work can be dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 20,160 people died in motor vehicle crashes during the first half of 2021. That number has increased by 18.4% since 2020 and makes up the largest amount of fatalities in motor-vehicle accidents since 2006.

Those who deliver food on a bike or electric scooter, could be more at risk on the job. That’s because they are considered vulnerable road users who suffer from more severe damages if they are in an accident. So, how are drivers covered when there is a chance of a food delivery driver accident? 

Car Insurance for Food Delivery Drivers

You may be covered for bodily injury depending on the delivery service you drive for. However, delivery driver insurance is different from personal car insurance. In fact, there are car insurance companies for delivery drivers that you may have never heard of. Moreover, certain food delivery companies like GrubHub may not offer any car insurance coverage, which means you would need to get a specialized one yourself. Keep in mind if you do so, the insurance policy has to be specialized to delivery drivers. Personal insurance coverage doesn’t apply if you are engaging in commercial activity.

Car Insurance for Food Delivery Drivers

Dealing with these specific insurance companies and insurance policies after an accident by yourself can be unpredictable. You will need to understand all of these factors to find the true value of your injury case. Furthermore, you may also have a workers’ compensation case along with a car accident claim.

Is A Food Delivery Driver Accident Workers’ Compensation, Car Accident Or Both?

If you get into an accident while working as a delivery driver you may have a workers’ compensation claim as well.  This could increase the value of how much compensation get. First determine whether you are an employee or a contractor. An employee would be someone who works for a company that closely monitors their pay and tasks. An example of an employee would be a Pizza Hut delivery driver who is involved in other work tasks and, or has discussed pay extensively with their employer. On the other hand, an example of a contractor could be a delivery driver who works for a third party delivery service like Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates or Grubhub. The best way to know for sure is to read over and discuss your status as an employee with your manager. As well as discussing your situation with an attorney. 

Is A Food Delivery Driver Accident Workers’ Compensation, Car Accident Or Both?

After a food delivery driver accident, you will have to show evidence that you are an employee to receive workers’ compensation. A workers’ compensation attorney will know what evidence to provide and how to negotiate with the insurance company. Without an attorney, the insurance company may claim that you are a contractor. They do this because workers’ comp. insurance coverage is not available for contract workers through the employer. In this case, they wouldn’t be obligated to offer any compensation to the injured worker. 

If you’re unsure whether you have a worker’s compensation case after a food delivery driver accident or you’ve suffered a motor-vehicle accident while delivering food, contact us. Get your questions answered and don’t face the insurance company (or companies) alone.

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Getting compensation after a food delivery driver accident injury is not easy.

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