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What Does Your Attorney Need From You?

Posted on 10/24/22 by admin in Auto Accidents,Personal Injury

There are certain things you may reasonably expect from your attorney. Your calls should be returned promptly, with answers to any questions you may have. The timeline and strategy of your case should be communicated to you in plain and transparent terms. Your attorney should behave ethically and place your interests ahead of their own. Your legal fees should be structured honestly and transparently. This is the basic degree of respect you are entitled to as a client. But it’s important to keep in mind that the business relationship between an attorney and client is a two-way street. Just as you can reasonably expect certain things from your attorney, they can reasonably expect certain things from you. This way your legal team can effectively get a good recovery. So what does your attorney need from you? This depends on the unique features of your case.

what does your attorney need from you

What Does Your Attorney Need From You: Documentation

The single most important thing to keep in mind when looking to file a winning personal injury case is that information is invaluable. Not just what you know and remember, but what can be proved beyond any doubt. Let’s use a car accident in which someone suffered an injury as an example. Documentation of all kinds is extremely valuable in a lawsuit or insurance claim after such an accident. Your personal account of the accident which led to your injury will play a role but the more hard facts that can be used to back that account up, the better.

This may include:

  • The date
  • The time of day
  • The weather
  • How many cars were involved
  • Photographs of the accident
  • Did you speak to the other drivers involved? If so, what was said? Did you admit fault?
  • What injuries did you suffer? Were other drivers injured?
  • What damage did your vehicle suffer?
  • Any insurance information of yours or the other drivers involved (if you were able to obtain it)

These may be only a few of the things your attorney needs from you to provide the best chance of a successful case.

car accident

Where Can You Source Your Information?

Naturally this is a substantial amount of information to be gathering generally, let alone in the wake of an event like a car accident. But you don’t have to gather the information alone. Information on your injuries can be gained from the clinic or hospital where you receive treatment for them. A full account of damages sustained to your vehicle and the cost of repairs can come from the body shop or garage it’s taken to after the accident. The documentation you receive from these professionals will be invaluable to your attorney. In fact, it could very well make the difference in your case.

Police report

What Does You Attorney Need From You: A Police Report

You may be wondering if you should also contact the police in the wake of your accident. The answer is almost always yes. A police report on the accident in question can provide much of the required information for a successful case. This report can also serve as an authoritative, unbiased third party account. Therefore, we encourage anyone involved in a car accident to contact the police and secure a police report for this very reason.

The Importance of the Attorney/Client Relationship

Attorney/client relationship

It cannot be reiterated enough times that the attorney and client should be developing a business relationship. So it’s important to develop a degree of trust. The easiest way to do this is through communication with the objective of understanding each other’s perspectives and priorities. For example; your attorney may ask you to attend additional doctor’s appointments in order to get a deeper understanding of the severity of your injury and your recovery process. You may not initially see the point of this and resent the hassle of traveling to your doctor. But that does not mean you should ignore the appointments. Discussing any concerns you have with your attorney can lead to a more harmonious attorney/client relationship and help your chances of a smooth and successful case.

How Malloy Law Can Help

We here at Malloy Law Offices pride ourselves on a client-first approach to personal injury law. A record of strong advocacy for the injured is the bedrock of our practice. But we achieve that through understanding the concerns of our clients and finding solutions that work for everyone. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury through another party’s negligence, contact Malloy Law today for a free consultation.