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What if you are an Uber Driver Involved in an Accident?

Posted on 06/03/24 by admin in Auto Accidents

Ridesharing is a modern convenience upon which many of us rely regularly. Transportation to and from airports. Safe and responsible rides home from entertaining nights out. Convenient transportation in the palm of your hand for a nominal fee. It’s a simple pitch that millions of consumers have accepted wholeheartedly. But like many other service workers, ridesharing drivers are regrettably anonymous. Today, we at Malloy Law Offices would like to employ our platform to address rideshare drivers in our community. Specifically, we’d like to address one ambiguous situation which rideshare drivers may encounter. What if you are an Uber driver involved in an accident on the way to pick up a passenger? Today we’ll explain this complex issue and attempt to provide guidance to Uber drivers involved in accidents while en route to pick up fares.

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The Importance of Rideshare Insurance

We would be remiss to begin an in depth examination of any subject related to Uber or Lyft accidents without mention of rideshare insurance. If you are a recent convert to rideshare driving, you may be unaware that a standard consumer car insurance policy will not cover you in the event of an accident sustained while driving for a ride sharing service. Damages incurred when using the insured vehicle for commercial purposes are not covered by a personal auto insurance policy. The car in question is covered by insurance for “personal use,” which excludes ridesharing.

However, many major insurance carriers now offer a “rideshare endorsement.” This can be selected as an add-on on to an existing insurance policy and will ensure that you’re covered when driving for a ride share service or food delivery service. The nominal increase to your expenses on insurance will all be worthwhile in the event of an accident.

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Fault Always Matters

As in any car accident, one of the most immediately relevant questions is the question of fault. Did you cause the accident? Did the other driver? Was it a combination of the two? Or does fault rest with some third party? Let’s explore some scenarios and determine the courses of action which lead to efficient and just compensation for those involved.

If You’re at Fault

First, let’s assume the rideshare driver was at fault. In this case, the other vehicle’s driver can either deal with the rideshare driver’s insurance or the ride sharing firm itself. Uber, for example, maintains liability insurance to cover the costs of injury and property damage caused by its drivers. However, this liability insurance will be entirely for the other driver. If you’re at fault for an accident, you’ll need to seek compensation from your own insurance, which is when paying for policy add-ons such as collision coverage can really be a lifesaver.

If Someone Else is at Fault

The path to compensation when your accident has been caused by the negligence of another driver is, at first glance, much more straightforward. But ensuring just compensation may prove tricky. If indeed the other party is 100% at fault, their insurance will have no choice but to pay. But keep in mind that they are running a business. Their profit margins are ultimately most important. Expect to be lowballed and to have your injury, inconvenience, and property damage minimized. This is where a rideshare endorsement may really come in handy. It provides options. You can simply have the full cost of your car’s repairs covered under the rideshare endorsement on your own insurance policy and they’ll send the at-fault driver’s insurance provider the bill.

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Should I report my Accident to the Rideshare Company?

At a first glance, there are many reasons to hesitate in reporting your accident to the rideshare company. Maybe the other driver was unaware that you were currently driving in a professional capacity. If you are a full-time rideshare driver, you may fear censure by the ride sharing service and subsequent loss of your employment.
While these fears are legitimate and understandable, we here at Malloy Law Offices must caution our readers against it for one key reason: insurance fraud. Misrepresenting the circumstances surrounding your accident may open you up to criminal prosecution and result in the termination of your insurance policy. Being inconvenienced to any extent is ultimately minor in comparison to a felony charge.

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How Malloy Law Can Help

If you are an Uber driver involved in an accident on the way to pick up a passenger, you may be feeling overwhelmed by circumstance. But you don’t have to face it alone. Malloy Law Offices is home to the region’s rideshare accident specialists. Our talented and experienced team of attorneys can offer empathetic council and educated advice to help you resolve your case successfully and expeditiously. Contact Malloy Law today for a free consultation.