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What if You Slip and Fall in Giant Supermarket?

Posted on 04/10/23 by admin in Premises Liability

Giant Supermarkets are a common sight throughout Maryland and Virginia. Originally established in south-central Pennsylvania in the 1920s, the company has endured economic turmoil and ownership changes to establish itself as regional grocery powerhouse. If you live in Maryland or Virginia there is a decent chance that your local, everyday supermarket is owned and operated by The Giant Company. Therefore if a Marylander or Virginian suffers a slip and fall injury in a supermarket, there is a significant chance that it will occur in a Giant. If you suffer a slip and fall in Giant, Malloy Law wants to make sure you’re aware of your rights. We also want to provide some do’s and don’ts for navigating the complex aftermath of an incident like this.

Giant Supermarket

Understanding Premises Liability

If you have been injured in a supermarket, or on the property of any other private business, any civil law case that you may wish to pursue will fall under the category of premises liability. This area of the law determines when private citizens may seek compensation from negligent property owners after incurring injuries on their property. Property owners have a duty of care to all visitors that are consensually present on or in their property. For highly trafficked public spaces like supermarkets, this basically means anyone and everyone. If they know of a hazard and do not take steps to warn visitors or abate the potential danger, they may be held liable for any injuries that occur.

Supermarket Slip and Fall Hazards

Every case is, of course, different and unique. But there are several classic supermarket hazards which can lead to serious injury if not properly manages or maintained. These include:

  • Improperly positioned or secured floor mats
  • Wet or otherwise slippery floors
  • Ice or snow tracked into the building
  • Aisle obstructions from boxes, pallets, and food
  • Cracked or  otherwise decaying outside pavement
  • Parking lot potholes

Navigating the Aftermath of a Slip and Fall in Giant

If you have slipped and fallen in a supermarket and suspect you may have been injured, your health should be the obvious first priority. Even if your initial impression is that you’ve only sustained minor injuries, it’s highly recommended that you seek a professional diagnosis as soon as possible. Doing so will not only provide peace of mind for you but also create a hard record of your injury and how it occurred.

Immediately after your injury, you can begin the process towards seeking compensation by asking to speak to a manager and asking that the manager file an incident report. If possible, you should also ask for a copy of the report. Documentation and information gathering should be the highest priority. You should try to obtain:

  • Pictures of the scene as it was at the time of the accident
  • Security camera footage
  • Witness statements, and contact information for those witnesses
  • Insurance information from the supermarket
  • Contact information for the supermarket’s owner
  • Any and all medical bills and records related to your injury
  • A statement of lost wages from your employer (if applicable)

supermarket slip and fall hazard

Common Premises Liability Mistakes

Under no circumstances should you leave the scene of the accident, unless you are in need of immediate medical attention. If you leave the store and then realize you’ve sustained an injury, the insurance companies will deny any claim you make on the basis that you can’t prove you were injured at the supermarket itself. You should also avoid making any statements minimizing your injury or admitting fault for the incident. Store employees and other witnesses may hear these statements and invite the supermarket’s lawyers and their insurance company to use them to minimize your injury.

How Malloy Law Can Help

In premises liability cases where a serious injury has been incurred, complications are inevitable. Large grocery chains like Giant retain the services of large legal teams who work day and night to keep injured people from claiming just compensation. These corporate lawyers will employ strong-arm tactics to discourage, discredit, and silence you. You don’t have to face them alone. Malloy Law Offices is proud to employ Maryland, Virginia, and DC’s premises liability specialists. Our legal team is highly experienced in negotiating and winning against large corporate interests. So we will fight to secure a fair settlement for you. We also pride ourselves on a client-first approach to law stressing empathy for the injured and individualized attention. Contact Malloy Law today for a free consultation.