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What is Chiropractor Malpractice?

Posted on 09/21/20 by admin in Injuries,Personal Injury

Chiropractor malpractice is the carelessness and negligence of a chiropractor’s technique, which provokes a personal injury on a patient. This type of medical malpractice can cause broken bones, neck and spinal damage, and sometimes even a stroke. When the professional standard is not met, a person might suffer a severe personal injury that could change his or her life, forever. If you or a loved one has been injured by a chiropractor, our personal injury attorneys at Malloy Law Offices, LLC will take the burden for you, and will get the compensation you are entitled to.

Mam in pain with parts of spine highlighted in red.

What are some Chiropractor Malpractice Examples?

A chiropractor visit can rapidly release some pain from the body. Chiropractors doctors utilize specific techniques, in order to adjust a specific part of the body. A first visit to the chiropractor, usually has a 15 minutes pre-introduction with paperwork and conversation with the professional, in order to indicate the main areas of pain, so that the chiropractor can know where to focus on. Unfortunately, there are some cases were a chiropractor malpractice occurs.

The main adjustment is usually of the spine, in order to relieve pressure on nerves, as a result of some sort of displacement or even a dislocation. As for chiropractors’ doctrine, it is believed that nerve pressure and a possible misalignment are usually the source of specific injuries, and sometimes chronical diseases. At this point, you might be wondering what are some examples of chiropractor malpractice. Well, here are some of the main ones:

Failure to Diagnose a Medical Condition

A chiropractor doctor could ask you to take some X-ray, in order to see some specific part of the body, in detail. If a chiropractor does not see a clear medical condition or malfunction, and does not tell you about it, then it might be considered a chiropractor malpractice

Spinal Manipulation

It is normal to have a whole body adjustment, when visiting a chiropractor. One of those adjustments is spinal manipulation. However, sometimes this technique may generate a medical problem, such as : herniated discs, nerve damage, rib pain, lumber pain, or neurological damage.

Chiropractic Induced Stroke

A chiropractic-induced stroke occurs when an artery to the brain ruptures or becomes blocked because of a chiropractor’s manipulation of the neck. Moreover, the victim could not even be aware of what happened, because a stroke does not always happen immediately. On the contrary, it could happen even 2 weeks after the chiropractor visit.

No Informed and Signed Consent

Before starting your session with the chiropractor, the doctor – or one of his or her employees – will make you fill some forms, which will allow him or her to continue with the procedure. If a chiropractor doctor fails on explaining the possible dangers, he or she might be held accountable for chiropractor malpractice.

Women being worked on by a chiropractor

How Much Is a Chiropractor Malpractice Claim Worth?

Chiropractor malpractice happens all of the time. Nevertheless, you can still get back what was lost. First, you need to understand that a healthy nervous system is a key to having a healthy body. The spine is the main part of the body, which contains various bones, several nerves, and sensitive tissues that can be easily accommodated by a chiropractor doctor. That is why a chiropractor malpractice might happen. Even though chiropractors are not considered medical doctors, they can still be held accountable for malpractice.

The ugly truth is that there are not much chiropractor lawsuits. In order to have a real claim, you need power evidence and proof that your personal injury is a consequence of a chiropractor malpractice. Here are some of the main cases of the past years:

  • 2019, Florida, $14,031,841 Verdict
  • 2018, Michigan, $1,040,538 Verdict
  • 2017, Mississippi, $1,000,000 Settlement
  • 2017, California, $320,000 Verdict
  • 2016, Washington, $6,200,000 Verdict

Man having his back worked on by a chiropractor

What to do After a Chiropractor Malpractice

Deciding on what to do after a chiropractor malpractice might be extremely difficult for you. Nonetheless, our personal injury attorneys will tell you what the next steps are. The first thing you need to do, is to focus on yourself. If you have any pain, get medical assistance, right away. Once you feel physically and emotionally capable of moving on, make sure to gather every single piece of information you may have. After that, make sure to look for the proper chiropractor malpractice lawyer.


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