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Hearing Loss as a Work Injury and How to Manage

Posted on 08/31/20 by admin in Injuries

Losing sense of sound or hearing loss due to a job is scary. It can happen over time or immediately. Unfortunately, hearing loss is a very common workplace injury. And this injury can change your life forever. We want to educate everyone to be aware of dangerous noises and what options they have to bring justice to a hearing loss injury at work. First, you should know what causes the ears to become damaged.

When Sound Becomes Noise: How Hearing Loss Happens

The ear is a fascinating body part with many pieces that transport sound waves to the brain. The hearing part of the ear is called cochlea. Cochlea is a Greek word for snail because of it’s snail-like shape. The cochlea has many little sensory cells or ‘hair cells’. A person loses hearing if their ear loses its ‘hair cells’ or they become damaged. Loud sounds are what cause hearing loss.

How Hearing Loss Happens

Dangerous noises even in the workplace are common. About 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise each year in the United States. Any sound reaching 85 decibels or higher is not safe for a work environment. This reach of 85 decibels or higher can damage your ear over time or sometimes right away. The timing of when hearing loss occurs depends on the blast of sound. Regardless, of the time the injury happens, losing your ability to hear is never worth risking. Your employer should make your job as safe as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

What Do Negligence Employers Look Like?

All places of employment have safety guidelines they have to implement. However, not all employers will follow those guidelines. This puts their employee’s health at risk. Some jobs are just actually dangerous to perform. For example, construction workers, truck drivers, pilots, steel workers, and many more. Nonetheless, employers have a responsibility to keep their employees safe.

Certain jobs can be dangerous and employers need proper warning signs letting the employee or future employee know about the working conditions. Many times, employers neglect to properly warn about these conditions, causing future problems. After experiencing some form of hearing loss, our experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys can get you compensated. Do not settle for your job’s work insurance. And don’t compromise your health.

What Do Negligence Employers Look Like?

Untreated Hearing Loss Affects

After recognizing you have been affected by hearing loss due to dangerous working conditions, get medical help immediately and contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney. If you didn’t receive any immediate treatment, you might encounter:

  • Time off of work due to limited ability to perform your job
    • Or being laid-off
  • A hard time finding a new job because some jobs require almost perfect hearing
  • A harder time focusing on anything. Nerves connected to the ear are attached to the brain. If your hearing ability is compromised, the brain will be affected as well
  • Tinnitus (a hearing condition causing ringing in one or both ears)

It is possible that even more serious conditions develop. Loud noise levels at your job might be unsafe. If you suffer high levels of loud noises or notice that there is no proper protection for your ears (depending on the job), get checked up with your doctor. Developing worse symptoms is possible. Even with treatment, depending on the situation, at times unfortunately your sense of hearing may not get back to “normal”.

Untreated Hearing Loss Affects

Loss of hearing is technically considered a disability. It can cause negative consequences that you normally wouldn’t encounter before working in hazardous conditions. New challenges will come with going back to or starting a new job.

Dealing With Loss of Hearing at Work

The reason for treatment and pushing towards full compensation is so you can get back to work. Hearing loss can be a challenge but leaning into it can positively change every aspect of your life. Here are some tips on dealing with loss of hearing:

  • Talk with your employer about possible challenges, and request certain changes at work that may help you perform duties better, if needed
  • When the timing is right, properly educate those who may not understand what you are going through
  • When you notice initial or further changes to your sense of hearing, file a workers’ compensation report with your employer and contact a workers’ comp. attorney ASAP

Dealing With Loss of Hearing at Work

Many parties will be involved in a workers’ compensation claim. Once you hire a workers’ comp. attorney, you will be one step ahead of your recovery. Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC, we often handle cases dealing with work injuries. We know how to navigate the legal system, while getting clients the best professional care they need in order to add value to their cases.

Why Malloy Law Offices, LLC?

We value education and openness. Our Clinton personal injury attorneys will get the maximum compensation that you are entitled to. We will be honest throughout the whole claim(s) process(es). Working against an employer’s insurance company is not easy to do by oneself. Focus on your recovery and we will make sure you are not taken advantage of. Call us today at (888) 770-4942 for your free consultation. And remember, there are no fees unless we win your claim.