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How Can You Save Money on Gas?

Posted on 06/13/22 by admin in Auto Accidents

Gas prices have changed significantly nationwide over many years and Americans are feeling the pain at the pump. In 2021 transactions which cost $30 have jumped to cost $50 in 2022. According to the American Automobile Association, the nationwide average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has swelled to $4.97 as of June 9th, 2022. Furthermore, diesel fuel has ballooned even more wildly out of control, selling for a national average of $5.74 per gallon. We’re here to help you stay on the road and keep money in your pocket with tips to save money on gas.

Rising gas prices can cause stress for motorists.

Gas Prices in the DMV Area Since 2022

It may interest you to know how prices in your own backyard compare nationally. Gas prices in Virginia are actually below the national average at time of writing. A gallon of standard unleaded sells for about $4.80 on average. Residents of Greensville County are enjoying the lowest prices in the state at $4.48 a gallon. Fairfax County, on the other hand, has been the hardest hit, with prices hovering around $5.04.

In Maryland, the state average is hovering just under the $5 mark. Montgomery County suffers the worst prices in the state with a $5.06 average. Washington County residents, by comparison, pay a relatively modest $4.80.
However, nowhere in the DMV can touch the nationwide leader; California. Residents of the Golden State pay an eye-popping $6.40 for a gallon of gas.

A Permanent Solution to Save Money on Gas

Electric vehicles can allow you to dodge gas prices entirely

With gas prices always changing, more and more motorists are making the switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle. 6.5 million Electric cars were sold in 2021. That’s double 2020’s tally and triple 2019’s. The reasons for this growth extend far beyond a desire to dodge gas prices. A $7,500 dollar federal tax credit claimable by anyone buying an electric car provides plenty of incentive to make the switch. It’s also worth pointing out that a litany of state tax credits exist in the US for electric vehicle buyers and operators.

Of course, this is not going to be an option for the majority of motorists. Whether you’re living in an area with underdeveloped electric vehicle infrastructure, can’t find a model of EV that suits your personal or professional needs, or, most likely, just simply not able to afford a new car, the vast majority of us will not be able to escape rising gas prices by buying a new car. If it were that easy we’d all be doing it!

Some Simple Tricks to Save Money on Gas

With a few simple steps, you can reduce your pain at the pump

So what can you do to save money with your current gas-powered car? The first and most important thing is to make sure your car has been properly maintained and in proper working order. Are your tires properly inflated? Have you had your air filters replaced recently? Both of these factors affect your car’s gas mileage. A visit to your mechanic is a short-term expense that will end up saving you money later on.

Another simple way to increase your car’s gas mileage is to reduce weight and drag. Removing unnecessary cargo from your vehicle will reduce its weight and therefore reduce its fuel consumption. Removal of external accessories like bike racks, cargo pods, or flagpoles will also reduce drag, making your car more aerodynamic. You can also achieve this by keeping your windows rolled up while driving.

Even if strictly reducing the amount you drive is not an option, you can get more out of a tank of gas by changing the way you operate your vehicle. Accelerating gently and stopping smoothly will help conserve gas, maintain a steady speed and follow the speed limit. You may also want to limit usage of your air conditioning if not on the highway.

Cramped parking lots can lead to dangerous collisions


If You Are Involved in a Car Crash

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