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How To Get More Clients From Google LSA For My Law Firm

Posted on 05/10/21 by admin in Uncategorized

Google’s Local Services Ads is a more efficient and effective way to get leads. Every law firm should be aware of this, and should create an account. However, not every single area of law is allowed by Google. There are a lots of myths, tricks, and hacks that you can implement with this new feature. We’ll try to uncover those specials tips that the marketing agencies will try to make you pay for it. If you are ready to start your LSA profile, click here. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how to get more clients from Google LSA.

more clients from Google LSA

Are Google Reviews Important For Local Services Ads?

Absolutely, yes. As a law firm, make sure to have you Google My Business (GMB) profile optimized. One of the keys for a proper LSA performance is having GMB optimized. You might be a personal injury law firm in Virginia, or an immigration attorney in Maryland, with multiple locations. You could have an office in Washington, D.C., one in Arlington, VA, and one is Silver Spring, MD. So, make sure that your marketing department — or agency contractor —, is setting up your GMB pages for each one of your locations.

After you set up your GMB profiles, it is time to get reviews. You should come up with a plan in order to chase client around so they can leave you a review on Google. It is always better if they, not only add a 5 star-review, but if they also add some text with specific keywords, such as: your law firm’s name, a lawyer’s name, practice area, date of incident, among others. The more information you see, the better it will be. The other key factor about reviews is to maintain a decent and competitive review score for GMB.

Looking for a personal injury attorney, or a criminal defense lawyer is just like looking for a pizza restaurant, or for the best hair cuttery near you. Most people will check 2 main things about their search results. Both are linked to GMB. The first one is the amount of reviews that your law firm has. The second one is the review score that your Google My Business page has. You need to make sure to have over 20 reviews for each one of your locations. Moreover, you should have a review score over 4.5 in order to be competitive in the DMV area.

Local Services Ads

Can I Have Multiple Accounts To Get More Clients From Google LSA?

The short answer is yes. You can create as many Local Services Ads accounts, as you want. However, these might somehow overlap between each other. This will strictly depend on how you set up your LSA profile. In the business verification process, you will be able to select the practice areas that you want in order to get more clients from Google LSA for your law firm. You can be a car accident law firm in Bethesda, or a medical malpractice attorney in Takoma Park. But, you can always select the areas of law that you’d like to rank for your LSA account.

Once you set up the areas of law that you want to target for your divorce law firm or your personal injury firm; you will need to set up a weekly budget, and the bidding mode. The amount of money that you would like to spend on a weekly basis will trigger the amount of leads that Google could generate from you. The other strategy to keep in mind is the bidding mode (there are only 2). You can have “Max Per Lead” where Google will determine a good cost per lead for your law firm. Or, you can select “Set Max Per Lead” and add a specific cost per lead that you want.

On another note, make sure to get your “Google Screened Badge”. What is it? Essentially, it is a badge of trust for professional services businesses that must be earned to run Local Services Ads. This green checkmark will be displayed on your profile, and in any search queries that a prospect client might enhance. In order to get your Google badge, make sure to  pass your  business-level and a business-owner background check (sometimes employees may need to complete a background check, too). Also, go through your lawyer’s licenses check, and complete your verification.

Google Screened Badge

Start To Get More Clients From Google LSA Today

Every law firm has suffered headaches from Local Services Ads. Your marketing contractor, or in-house marketing manager might be struggling too. You need to understand that ranking on the top 3 of LSA is not easy. There are a combination of strategies that you marketing team will need to implement. The more information you get, the better. If you want to get more clients from Google LSA for your law firm, optimize your GMB. Then, set up your Local Services Ads profile. Finally, show Google good responsiveness with each lead that you get from LSA. Good luck!