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How To Optimize Google My Business For Law Firms

Posted on 07/04/21 by admin in Uncategorized

At this point, your law firm already has a marketing plan for 2021. Now, the big question is, do you have your Google My Business profile active? GMB is the perfect local marketing tool to interact with potential clients close to your area. We like to think that hiring a personal injury attorney is like getting a pizza or a hair cut. If you keep reading, you will learn more about how use Google My Business for law firms.

Google My Business For Law Firms

Why Is Google My Business For Law Firms So Important?

Ranking on Google is determined by a number of factors, including Google Search, Local Searches, Google Maps, as well as Mobile Search. However, we will mainly empashize mobile search, which is stricly linked to Google My Business for law firms. On top of using the best on-page and off-page SEO optimization strategies, you can enhance your brand presence and visibility online by setting up GMB appropriately.

If you are a lawyer or marketing department from a law firm, you should be aware of this: 50+% of people’s search queries are with local intents. This means that if your GMB is not local SEO friendly, you will miss a huge opportunity of getting more clients organically from your GMB listings. That’s why GMB is such a great tool when interacting with clients and pontential customers.

Interact With Your Clients Using Google My Business

According to Google, GMB is an online listing that your firm can leverage in order to reach the top spots in Google’s organic results, when people are searching for legal help in your geographic area. From a marketing perspective, Google My Business listing (GMB) is a branch of local SEO that targets people in your firm’s local area through organic search.

The most notable benefit is that law firms with a well-optimized GMB listing show up in the “top three” of your target client’s search engine results page (SERP). Moreover, there are a couple of main strategies that your marketing team should be aware of in order to rank in those top 3 spots. With a well optimized GMB profile, your law firm will be able to get more clients organically.

Get Your Blue Checkmark For Your Verified GMB Profile

Hey! Lawyers: If you do not verify your business, you will not be able to manage your business information in Search, Maps, Reviews, and other Google platforms. Goole needs to first confirm and retify your law firm’s physical location. Moreover, Google will verify if you — as a law firm — are authorized to own a GMB listing. Let’s pretend that you already completed that step. Now, what?

Well, once you complete your verification process, you will be able to customize and optimize your busines infromation in GMB. Some of the main features that you can complete in this Google’s tool are: analytics for GMB, upload new pictures in your listing, publish posts with oipotmized and relevant contetn, and last but not least, interact with customers via reviews.

GMB for law firms

Set A Google My Business Listing For Each Of Your Law Firm’s Locations

If you are a law firm with multiple locations, that should not be a problem for your GMB performance. On the contrary, it will boost your organic reach and overall performance. If you have 2/3/4 or more locations, you should create a Google My Business profile for each one of those. You might be forgiven for thinking that clients might overlap between each other. But, how trully truth that statement is?

That is not a problem at all. That’s something that might be more noticeable with Google Local Services Ads (LSA). However, with GMB setting one account per law firm’s location will not negatively impact neither your SEO nor your organic performance and ranking. So, make sure to optimize each one of those GMB listings that you will create for your multiple locations.

How To Optimize And Measure Google My Business For Law Firms

There are several tasks and tools that you can use for Google My Business For Law Firms. You can always upload pictures in each one of the multiple categories that GMB offers (by owner, by customer, etc.). Sometimes, it is really helpful to ask one of your clients to take a picture inside your law firm and post it in Google. That’s why you should have a well designed machine to get reviews for clients.

There are other tools that you can used in GMB like the well-optimized-SEO-friendly content. It is strictly important to upload posts with relevant information in each one of your GMB listings. Google will prioritize your profile’s crawls and will make it relevant for the top 3 under each query. Now, the million dollar question that you might have is: Are reviews important in Google My Business for law firms?

The Importance Of Reviews On Google My Business For Law Firms

We can’t stress this enouhg. Google My Business’ reviews should be a must for your law firm. You need to have a perfect machine plan in order to get reviews for each one of your listings every single week. This is not something that you might or might not do. This is a must for every lawyer. Reviews have the power to either boost your organic signups, or remove your GMB from the top 3 results.

As a law firm, you need to make sure to have over 20 reviews for each one of your locations. I’m pretty sure that your main competitors out there, they have 200+ GMB’s reviews. Those are 5+ years of “asking politely” to clients for reviews. At this point with reviews, the lemma is: “Whatever it takes”. In addition, make sure to keep your review score over 4.5. Anything below that, will not help your ranking.

more clients from GMB

Malloy Law Offices, LLC And Google My Business

We are a personal injury law firm located in Bethesda, MD. We have several locations aroung Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.. Here we have applied everything that we have explained above, and we can assure you that we have seen concrete and measurable goals. The final little hack that we will tell you is to install different tracking numbers for your different listings, in order to better track your law firm’s results.