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Potomac Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidental injury has become the third leading cause of death in the United States. However, some accidents are fatal. Fatal or not, dealing with an injury or death because of another party’s carelessness can make it difficult to bring your life back to normal, physically and emotionally. Going through this gives you vulnerable state of mind, and can mess with your thinking when trying to recover what was lost. That is why you need a trusted team of attorneys to support you and work on your case.

It may be difficult to recover on your own, however with our Potomac personal injury lawyer, you will get personal treatment to get back to physical normalcy and emotional normalcy. We care about making you a priority. That is just the start of what we offer as a legal team.

Why Choose Our Potomac Personal Injury Lawyers after an injury?

At Malloy Law Offices, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Getting an attorney can be daunting, but we make the claim process for clients easy. We are prompt in updating you on every step. An injury caused by negligence can be uncertain but one fact is certain; we will be here to recover maximum compensation for you. When choosing our Potomac personal injury lawyer we include:

  • A contingency fee, which means you don’t pay us unless we win your case.
  • A personally dedicated team to help clients receive the maximum possible compensation.
  • A team that values helping our clients reach their goals past compensation. Our committed attorneys and staff strive to make a difference in our clients’ lives through excellent personalized service, strong legal knowledge – and hard work.

We will do the work for you. Get back to health, we’ll do the rest. Cases may seem minor, none the less all are important. Because in the future, an injury caused by the negligence of others can appear more serious later on. It’s a matter of time. The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney, the more likely you are to bounce back quicker.

Why You Need a Potomac Personal Injury Lawyer?

Having insurance is great when injuries occur. What most people don’t realize is that insurance companies are more likely to not compensate the accident enough. Businesses like insurance companies need to make money and save money. Their way of saving money is by giving a small portion back. On the contrary, getting the maximum compensation is our main focus. And with our many years of experience, we can achieve maximum recovery. When choosing our, Potomac personal injury lawyer, what does that mean? What specific cases do we handle?


Personal Injury Practice Areas

At Malloy Law Offices, LLC we value honesty, transparency, education and loyalty. Our team of trial lawyers focus on cases dealing with injury-causing accidents. We provide legal help in a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

How are Damages Analyzed?

Many parties can be involved with any legal claim. Therefore, cases will be compensated differently based on the damages, location, insurance company, and more. Some factors that determine how much you will be compensated include:

  • The long-term impact of your ability to work in your profession, make money to live, and your future earnings.
  • The long-term impact of your personal life, whether that’d be emotional well-being, quality of life, etc.
  • Pain and suffering can be compensated as the accident may have caused permanent damages.
  • Physical therapy to rehabilitation to any nursing care, medications, and all other associated costs medical costs will be taken into account.

Having the right professional help goes a long way. It can improve your chances of winning suitable repayment.  For example medical experts, financial experts, mental health experts, among others. Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC, we have access to some of the best professionals in these fields to assist in valuing a personal injury claim.

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If you or a loved one has been in an injury-causing accident, make sure you are safe first. Get medical help if needed but as soon as you can, contact our Potomac personal injury lawyers. Don’t wait. Call us at 202-968-2095 or fill out our free case evaluation form. The sooner we get in contact, the higher the compensation you will get!