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Salisbury Motorcycle Accident Causes Life-Threatening Injuries

Posted on 12/11/18 by Malloy Law Offices in Auto Accidents

Salisbury Motorcycle Accident

Melissa Carter February 6, 2018

Traffic jams around Baltimore or on the Beltway are frequent enough to convince a person to use a motorcycle to get around. Bikes are one of the easiest and fuel-efficient ways to travel around Maryland and beyond. But the low profile and smaller size of the vehicles can make them harder to see.

This lack of visibility can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death to motorcyclists and their passengers. Because bikes of all kinds offer no external protection to those riding on them, any collision is a serious one.

Bus Crashes into Cyclist

A biker is fighting for his life after a collision with a bus near Salisbury in eastern Maryland. The accident occurred in the early afternoon on a recent Sunday, when a church vehicle was returning from dropping off parishioners.

The motorcycle collided with the left side of the bus, causing life-threatening injuries to the rider, according to the Salisbury Police Department. The driver of the bus suffered minor injuries as well, and the local police department is still investigating the cause and circumstances of the crash.

Hiring an Attorney

If a driver was at fault in an accident and caused the serious injury or death of a motorcyclist, the victim or his or her survivors have the right under the law to claim financial damages, including reimbursement for medical or end-of-life expenses. Compensation for lost wages during a period of recovery and pain and emotional distress may also be pursued.

A personal injury attorney is a good ally in the fight for financial restitution. Legal representation can help with the timely filing of necessary documents. Bethesda personal injury attorneys are also skilled negotiators and work with other parties to seek settlements and court verdicts for victims of motorcycle accidents.

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