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What To Do After Being Involved In An Industrial Accident In Baltimore?

Posted on 01/31/22 by admin in Workers' Compensation

Very few industrial accidents are minor. An industrial accident in Baltimore, Maryland has different set of workers’ compensation laws than in any other state. Most of these injuries occur around machinery, heavy equipment, and other things that potentially cause catastrophic injury.

These accidents also can happen in numerous ways. They can be caused by malfunctioning equipment, poorly designed equipment, lack of proper preventative maintenance, and just pure negligence on your employer’s part.

There are several immediate things you need to do right after your industrial accident, they are:

  • Report the accident to your immediate supervisor, or make sure someone does so if you cannot
  • Of most importance, obtain Immediate medical assistance
  • Exercise our legal right to choose the doctor of your choice
  • Get the facts and understand the “Statute of Limitations” on filing for industrial accidents if negligence, malfunctioning equipment, etc., are involved
  • Never admit any fault at the time of the accident to anyone
  • Carefully and diligently follow your doctor’s medical plan and instructions
  • Contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney

If you are the victim of an industrial accident, you could suffer significant consequences, up to and including the possibility of you being permanently disabled. You could quickly be facing a temporary, or even permanent, loss of income, experience anguish, pain, and suffering, along with mounting and overwhelming medical costs.

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If you work in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and other industrial occupations, you have a more extreme risk of injury or death than workers in many fields. The legal system in Maryland is designed for your protection, and when it’s navigated correctly by a qualified, experienced Baltimore industrial accident lawyer, it will do just that.

What Is The ‘Statute of Limitations” To File An Industrial Accident Case

There are a few varying periods, or “Statute of Limitations,” involved in an accidental on-the-job injury.

Commonly, with most accidental industrial injuries not involving death, you have up to 60 days to file a worker’s comp claim. If the accident ended in death, your family usually has up to 18 months to file. If an occupational disease is contracted, you or your family could have up to two years to file your claim.

It’s important to note that a statute of limitations can run on accrual. Accrual is when you are aware or should be aware that you have a legal claim. In most of these cases, this will be on the date of your accident. But there are exceptions, such as if there is fraud or you were not immediately aware that you suffered harm, the statute of limitations may not start to run until the fraud or the injury is discovered. If, at any time, your statute of limitations expires, you may not be allowed to file at all.

Can I Sue My Employer In A Personal Injury Case In Maryland?

If you sustained your injury at work, you could have your personal injury lawyer fight for compensation. Many different factors can cause an industrial injury accident. You may even hold several various parties liable for your injuries.

For example, it is always possible that you got hurt by defective equipment or a defective product. In these circumstances, your personal injury lawyer may hold the product manufacturer liable for your injuries and sue them for your rightful compensation.

There are also instances where another employee’s negligence causes your accident. All employees are commonly bound to follow strict safety rules, but not all do. So, if your injury at work was due to another person’s negligence, you also may be able to file a personal injury claim.

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However, keep in mind that when facing a work injury claim, you are not directly suing your employer. Most often their or other types of workers’ compensation insurance companies will be involved in the claim. This depends on every circumstance.

Remember, consulting with your professional industrial accident personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure you are following the correct legal path to get all the compensation you are entitled to.

What Is My Possible Compensation For An Industrial Accident Lawsuit?

Industrial accident lawyers are often asked about just what you may get after your industrial accident in Maryland. There is no way to determine precisely how much compensation you may be entitled to since your injuries and your case is unique. Be aware that every injury claim is different, and every case will be assessed on the injuries you sustained and other individual factors involved.

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Through the successful filing of a personal injury claim in Maryland, your personal injury lawyer will fight to obtain the compensation that can cover all the losses you and your family have suffered. You could be awarded compensation to cover financial losses, such as your medical expenses and lost wages, and future losses you may incur, including pain and suffering.

Insurance companies and your employer will have their lawyers, but you need yours to fight on behalf of you and those you love.

I Need To File A Personal Injury Case Due To My Industrial Accident, How Should I Proceed?

Consult with a Baltimore industrial accident lawyer as soon as possible. They will go over all the pertinent details of your case and devise a legal strategy that will work for you. The Malloy Law Offices team has the expertise, empathy, and experience you need now. Consult with them first, and don’t leave your or your family’s future up to chance: 202-933-1918.